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Each year sees new, unimaginable technological advances. When you taught your kids about clouds, they were places to store data as well as rain. Tablets were not just medicine—they’re how they do homework and watch Peppa Pig.

And it’s not just physical technology. The Internet is constantly innovating, and reinventing norms, whether it’s shopping, job hunting, or even our basic communication with each other. It seems to become more and more important every year.

By reserving your child’s domain name now, you will secure a part of their digital future, which they can turn into anything they want it to be. By having their own bit of the Internet marked out and ready, you ensure they get the domain that reflects who they are.

You probably made your online profiles later in life—both social media, and professional (LinkedIn etc). But for your kids, everything is going to happen much sooner, and be more important when it does. They will have a digital presence for everything sharing important stuff with friends, colleges, and eventually, employers.

Websites will no longer only be for businesses and bloggers— more and more people will have a personal website as an integral part of their identity. Personal websites are much more flexible, customisable, and creative than other sorts of online profiles. They allow much more detailed demonstrations of skills, and are an ideal place to show the world your skills, talents and opinions.

But What is a Domain, Exactly?

A domain is the address used to access a website. Think of it as the street address your website lives at. You can have the address before you start building the house. And a good address is always a useful commodity.

Each domain is followed by an extension (or ‘TLD’) like .com, .net, .org, etc. There are a limited number of domains, and once your child’s name is gone with a certain extension, it’s unlikely to come back any time soon.

Finding the Ideal Domain

Having a domain that includes their name is something that will last for life. It’s unlikely to change, and will always hold strong significance for them. So how should you find the right one?

The best way is to have the name as one word (harrysmith.com), and there are plenty of exciting extensions to choose from that might reflect your child’s aspirations or personality.

However, if you want (for example) the .com, and that is already gone, try adding hyphens (harry-smith.com), or their middle name. Get creative with it!

Watch our guide to registering your domain:


What They Can Do with Their Site

1. A place to create online projects & albums for school to enhance their creativity

A website can be a great way to display your child’s creative endeavors. It could even motivate them to create more—we all remember how much we loved seeing our pictures on the fridge.

2. Somewhere to try out their business idea in the future

In time, their site will become a training zone for their latest and greatest ideas. It’s the perfect playground to create and shape a vision. Tools and plugins (especially on platforms like WordPress) are ready-and-waiting for them to create an online shop, or even inspire them to begin coding their own apps, or pages.

3. A portfolio to apply to college

Having a record of work from an early age makes it easier when the time comes to create a portfolio that might accompany a college application. There are loads of awesome, detailed guides on how to create awesome portfolio websites perfect for college, and also places to get inspiration from what others have done.

4. A resume to apply to jobs

Employers, especially in the creative industries, love portfolios within job applications. It’s more than just words on a CV; it’s proof that the person can do what they are saying—and what more can they ask for than a website packed full of creativity?

It’s Not Hard to Create an Awesome Website!

Contrary to popular belief, they won’t need to be a coder to get a website online. Anyone can do it, and with Namecheap, it only takes a few clicks.

The truth is, a lot of websites are built around an existing template. Your kid will be able to fill in the blanks with their own material. It’s hardly more difficult than populating a social media profile.

So what are you waiting for? Register a domain for your child at Namecheap today!

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