Remember to Auto Renew Your Important Domains

What a nightmare.  You registered an important domain for your business, only to find out that you accidentally let it expire.  You were so busy, you ignored the updates NameCheap sent you and now it’s owned by someone else.

Make it easy on yourself by auto-renewing your domains.  Just log in to your NameCheap account, select the domain you would like to auto-renew, and then choose “Auto-Renew” from the left side “General” options:

autorenew domain

If you’d like to do this to many or all of your domains, just select the ones you would like to auto-renew and then click “Edit Selected” underneath.  You can then select “Auto-Renew” from the left side here as well:

autorenew domains

It’s easy to protect your domain–just make sure you take the right steps.

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