Puppy Love

Who loves puppies? We do! Here at Namecheap, we’re animal lovers. We deplore animal cruelty, and we stand for animal rights. To show our support and to give our clients a chance to show theirs as well, we donated a portion of our MoveYourDomainDay revenue to the Humane Society.

During the promo, for each domain transferred to Namecheap at the discounted price of $3.98, we made a $1.50 donation. Your transfer purchases on MoveYourDomainDay – Jan. 27, 2015 – resulted in a total donation of $1331 to the Humane Society. That’s great news for puppies! Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.


6 thoughts on “Puppy Love”

  1. Awesome to here about Puppies, Namecheap suggested a good thing, it looks to be a good Idea, if implemented in right ways and folks should participate in this, as we all are loves Puppies.

  2. I need very help to renew my domain.if there is an automatic renewal.may be when you allow me to open a new account,i will now use my card to send the money to this account.so,whenever it expired.even if i am not in office.it will be automaticaly change itself and register.if possible let me know.

  3. I am ready to redo this website.and i want this domain registrar to be own my permanent site for bringing better to life.thanks.

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