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Protect Yourself from Online Copycats with Namecheap Legal

You think of a quick business idea and realize by using the Namecheap Mobile App that the clever domain for your business is available. You’re feeling good.

You register the domain and set up a site for it in a day using a website builder. Before you know it, people are really excited about it!

Then an internet troll sees that your site is popular. He registers your domain with “123” on the end of it. He too launches a site. What’s up with this?

He’s also somehow really good at SEO because he has nothing better to do with his life than to crush your dreams. Somehow, people find his site before yours. Really?


Well, it’s a good thing you hired Namecheap Legal to trademark your name so you can take down those punks:

(No cats or lawyers were harmed in the making of this gif.)

Protect your Brand with Namecheap Legal

Don’t waste your time-fighting copycats. Namecheap Legal makes it easy to submit to get a trademark in a matter of hours. We’ve partnered with experienced attorneys (actually, our attorneys) who will:

  • research any potential trademark violations,
  • prepare and submit all the necessary documents to file for your trademark.

A one-time fee of $495 covers both the government filing fee of $325 and the service cost. Shop around yourself – there is no cheaper, easier way to file for your trademark online.

Sign up now.

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