Protect Your Personal Information with WhoIsGuard

With so much information being transmitted online, it’s important to protect your identity.  Sometimes when you buy a domain name, you want someone to be able to look up your name, address and phone number in the WHOIS directory.  If you are a business, having your address listed can show potential customers that you are a legitimate business.

However, if you buy a domain using your home address, it can be quite inconvenient and even dangerous to list your address in the WHOIS directory.  There is nothing that prevents a spammer from finding your address online and sending you all sorts of junk mail.  There’s also nothing that prevents someone who doesn’t like your site from physically finding you.

Enabling the free WhoIsGuard available from NameCheap will protect you from any spam or people who shouldn’t be finding you.  This service is free to all of our customers with every domain and transfer.

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