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Protect Your Account with TOTP 2 Factor Authentication

We are proud to announce the launch of our new TOTP 2FA (that’s Time-based One-Time Password algorithm two-factor authentication to the uninitiated).

What Is TOTP 2FA?

Put simply, two-factor authentication is a measure to ensure the person attempting to log in to an online account is the person who owns it. This is done by verifying their identity through another device, such as a smartphone. Most often, a code is sent to this secondary device and then used on the primary device.
TOTP 2FA differs from other types of 2FA because the password is only valid for a short amount of time before it expires. This layer of complexity makes it even more secure.

Why We’ve Launched TOTP 2FA

In a world where personal information is often under threat, we have taken this new, proactive step to protect yours. Protection of your personal data has always been one of our utmost priorities, and we hope the launch of TOTP 2FA will give you that extra peace of mind you deserve when you use Namecheap services.

Our User Experience

Our intuitive design and user experience allow you to keep your account safe and secure simply. Just follow the steps on our Knowledgebase article to easily set it up for your account.
Part of this process is connecting your Namecheap account to third-party authentication app on your Smartphone (or other secondary devices). Our TOTP 2FA is compatible with Google Authenticator, Authy, 1Password and more.

More Coming Soon

As part of our continued pledge to online security, we are currently developing other security products that will be launched in the near future. Look out for future announcements here on our blog!

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