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New Premium .ME Domains Now Available

Registering a domain name is a lot like moving to a new zip code. It may have been previously owned, or it could be shiny and new — either way, it’s all yours, to do with what you please.

Premium .ME domains are like high-end zip codes, where everyone in your town secretly wants to live. Although they can have a higher price tag attached compared with regular domains, a premium domain purchase will likely turn out to be a savvy investment.

Why Are Premium Domain Names Important?

Although any domain has the potential of success in terms of popularity and traffic, websites with premium domains have a head start.

They’re mostly short web addresses made up of popular keywords and phrases and so, are easier to remember. Domain names like choose.me and 4g.me are far more memorable than rambling long-winded ones like willieverremember.me. 

Because they’re short and concise, .ME domains make branding easier. A website that uses well-known phrases is memorable, and because they use popular keywords, they’re easier to spell and more likely to fit in with the brand you’re trying to grow. 

Why Choose a .ME

There are lots of reasons why a .ME domain makes sense:

  • They make natural calls-to-action. With a .ME domain name, it’s easy to create a catchy marketing message that can be understood by a wide audience. As .ME domains speak directly to the user (like trybeforeyoubuy.me or directpay.me), they sound purposeful and encourage customer interaction.
  • Use them for business… and for pleasure. It doesn’t matter if you’ve purchased your domain for a fledgling tech company or an ambitious new social network, building your professional portfolio, or finding a home for your established personal blog — it’s a versatile domain that can be used across the world.
  •  They put the customer in the driving seat. Hum along to De La Soul’s Me Myself And I, and ponder about how web users primarily think about themselves. A site must help a visitor fulfill their needs and answer the questions they have, otherwise, they will bounce right back to the search engine. A .ME domain name unmistakably speaks to the reader, giving your brand a personal edge over other top-level domains.

Get Yours Now, Before It’s Too Late

Like the sound of a .ME? Check out our list of available .ME premium domain names and scroll down the page linked or use the available filters to find the perfect domain for your needs.


They say that customers are always right, so show them you believe that by grabbing a user-focussed .ME. Find your premium .ME today.

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