Picking a Domain that Stands Out for Your Business

Picking a domain name can be one of the hardest parts about creating a business online.  A good domain name is a brand.  Not only is it a URL, it goes on your business card, your collateral, and any promotional material from shirts to hats to signs.  How can you be sure that your domain is going to be a positive addition to your company?

1.) Make sure it is not too long or confusing. Every word that you have in your domain is one more word your customers can forget.  If you are using articles like “the”, remember that a customer could accidentally type in “a” and then totally miss your site.  Keep it simple whenever possible.

2.) Consider where your traffic is coming from. Are you driving people to your site using Google, or are you using advertising or word of mouth?  Including the item or service you sell in your domain name can do wonders for search engine optimization.  It can also make finding a domain name difficult, so choose wisely.

3.) Consider if your domain name be pronounced easily. This sounds silly, but do you want to explain and spell your domain name every time you tell it someone?

4.) Think about what your domain looks like. A domain isn’t just a URL.  It is a brand and will require a logo.  How will this look with the rest of your site?  Will you have to change it as time goes by?

If you cannot think of a domain name that is available at NameCheap, consider one that someone else is selling in the NameCheap MarketPlace.

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