Show Off Your Pets: The Finalists!

We had a great time with our Show Off Your Pets contest. More than 200 customers entered and we will be awarding domains to EVERYONE who participated! If you have participated, please see your email for full details.

We’re now at the final ten twelve pets which are shown below. The top three will win a digital camera! Please vote for your favorite:

You can only vote once per IP address per day. Votes close on November 28th at 11:59PM EST!

Update: We have removed disqualifying photos — as per the rules, photographs *must* be original to be eligible. If any readers suspect any photographs are stolen elsewhere on the Internet, please email contest AT namecheap DOT com.

28 thoughts on “Show Off Your Pets: The Finalists!”

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  2. The people who run namecheap did not choose these themselves, as it seems people think. They put them on their facebook and people voted for which ones they liked :)

  3. Namecheap did choose the pictures themselves – it says so on their contest rules page. They posted SOME of the photos on Facebook, but there was no voting that I saw.

  4. Thanks for the credits, folks!

    My doggie was very disappointed not to be in the finals and did not even touch her bowl today… – but that’s the life of any model, *lol*

    And for the cats: Nibbs, my little white tomcat, would like to announce he does not give a catnip. Doggies have lost the cuteness war for millennia, so why not leave them a few minutes of fame as well…

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  6. Hey guys – all participants *did* win a domain, so we did appreciate your entries and we loved meeting your pets!

    But alas, we had a number of Namecheap employees judging, and it looks like you’re right — no cats! (A few cats were selected, but to be honest, those who did get chosen didn’t submit Twitter entries so they were not able to be listed as finalists.)

    Sorry about that — in the future, we’ll try to be a little more diverse (beyond the rabbits, cattle, and guinea pigs we’ve listed), but please enjoy your domain, and please remember to vote for your favorite!

  7. We have removed any images that were not original as that was a violation of the rules.

    As a note, the top three winners will actually have to confirm that they own these pets by taking a picture of them with a Namecheap sign.

  8. Well I’m somehow glad my picture wasn’t selected since my cat has been euthanized earlier this year. So no luck confirming ownership anyway.

    The confirmation part should have been added in the first place, saves you time on reverse image lookup time and saves the trouble for participants.

  9. I can’t believe that I was the only one to submit a picture of one of my horses and I wasn’t even one of the finalists =[

    Cats and dogs are boring. Next time I’ll enter my gerbils

  10. It appears creativity or photo quality wasn’t a factor with this contest (at least with half of the images selected). And how is a yawning cat not considered over a bunch of boring chickens haha. Thanks for the free domain anyway.

  11. We factored for a number of qualities, including creativity and photo quality (though that wasn’t a huge factor, given that some of our customers simply can’t buy high end cameras!) That said, we had a judging panel that consisted of 7 Namecheap employees who evaluated the photos for these criteria.

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