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4 Reasons to Own a Personal Domain Name

If you’re building an online presence, your name is one of the easiest ways to maintain your online presence. Here are four reasons why you should own a personal domain name.

Protect Your Reputation

What are people finding when they search for your name? Are they seeing your Facebook page? Your Twitter feed? That picture of you partying just a little too hard in Vegas when you were 19 years old? (What happens in Vegas gets posted online these days.) If you owned your <firstname><lastname>.com, you could control your online reputation and push down all those negative search results.

How does that work? There are books and books in ORM (online reputation management), but the idea is simple: put great content on your web page and link to the good stuff. There’s more where that came from, but that’s the idea.

Showcase Your Talents

Are you great at web design? A funny videographer? A budding artist? A poet? Or are you none of these, but still have a great curriculum vitae or resume you want everyone to know about? Create a web page that showcases your web portfolio, your video library, your paintings, and your published and unpublished works. This is your website and it’s where you can shine.

Establish Authority

More and more people these days establish themselves as authority figures by creating their own space on the web. One of the easiest ways to do that is with a blog. Write about your passions, your dreams, or your professional experience, and use that as a way to establish authority. You never know, if you keep it up, you may grow a following! Plus, this is how you protect your reputation and showcase your talents. You get it all.

Maintain a Professional [Email] Presence

I don’t know about you, but it looks better to have a <firstname><lastname>.pw email than a gmail.com or a yahoo.com. If nothing else, get a personal domain so that you have a professional email address. It’s that easy.

Here are examples of personal domain names from some of our Namecheap customers:

Chris Pederick
Jack L. Moore
Jeff Epstein
David Airey

In short, a personal domain name helps protect your reputation and is a professional way to showcase your wares and to exert authority in the saturated online space. Why not buy your personal domain today?

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