Our Unbelievable Cyber Monday Sale

Didn’t find enough crazy deals on Black Friday? Never fear, Namecheap will be doing it all again on “Cyber Monday”, November 28th, starting at Midnight EST.

Be sure to come back again to grab the best deals ever on hosting, domains, and SSLs.

See It With Your Own Eyes

With our Cyber Monday specials, we’ll offer more incredible deals on domain names, hosting, and SSLs for your website or blog. Do not miss our unbelievable savings of up to 98% off regular prices.

Why Wait?

Need help getting started? We’re here to help. Get exclusive how-to articles on how to choose the perfect domain name, build your website with WordPress, and more. Get a head start on planning your site now and put together the perfect Cyber Monday shopping list.

Don’t forget! Bookmark Namecheap’s special Cyber Monday page and mark your calendar today – we’ll see you again on Monday!

42 thoughts on “Our Unbelievable Cyber Monday Sale”

  1. I enjoyed the Hosting Package Deals “Value Hosting” 0.88$/yr. But unfortunately could not buy. Cyber Monday I hope you will continue this promotion Hosting packages.

  2. These are some great deals. I was able to get hold of Shared Hosting on Black Friday. I have always used NC for my domains but now I am thinking of hosting some sites with them. Hoping it won’t let me down.
    Thanks NameCheap

  3. Hello,

    I didn’t manage to get a discounted com domain on friday due to namecheap server overload.. I read somewhere I could get that domain for around $4 during the weekend.. How can I take advantage of it? Thank you

    1. All deals start at the top of the hour and run until they’re sold out. To find out what the new deals are each hour, be sure to refresh the page. :)

  4. I was facing a problem when I was trying buying Hosting Package Deals “Value Hosting” 0.88$/yr.
    Website is offline | Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error.
    This issue happened 4 times and I could’t buy this hosting package deal during BF.

    1. We were slammed with customers trying to purchase deals, and it was more than we expected. We hope the issue will be resolved in time for Cyber Monday. We appreciate your patience!

  5. I bought my domain name from you several weeks ago. I now am interested in moving forward in setting up host site and begin building it. Can you help with that? I understand you also are hosting site?

    1. We have deals on several different products. If you’re an existing customer, consider our deals on SSLs and email hosting!

  6. I do hope the quantities are better for domain registrations. I submitted my order 1 minute after the offer opened and your site could not cope with the traffic so I only managed to secure 3 domains at the special price and when I was able to try again after a few minutes there were none left.

  7. I enjoyed the Hosting Package Deals “Value Hosting” 0.88$/yr. But unfortunately could not buy. Cyber Monday I hope you will continue this promotion Hosting packages.

  8. I was hoping to get my hands on Professional Hosting and Dot com domain. Last time i missed. May be i get better this time. Give me gud luk sharm

  9. I’ve some few domains with reseller hosting account from Namecheap.com ::: I’ve also a free domain from “WordPress.com” site ….. this domain have search ranking for some keywords. Now I Would like to transfer this domain from free wordpress site to my Namecheap hosting and namecheap domain account. I can’t made necessary customization because of WordPress didn’t give me fully control of my website. So How could I transfer my Free domain to my Namecheap account

    1. Hi Saamok,

      You can move your site from WordPress.com to Namecheap with just a few steps. You’ll need to export your content from WordPress.com. You’ll also need a domain and hosting on Namecheap where this site will live. Once you have that, install WordPress on your Namecheap site and import your content.

      We have a Knowledgebase article that explains all the steps in more detail (https://www.namecheap.com/support/knowledgebase/article.aspx/9359/2199/how-to-migrate-website-from-wordpresscom-to-namecheap) and if you need more help, our support team would be happy to lend a hand.

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