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Hero image of Our Big Security Sale Returns—February 19-22

Our Big Security Sale Returns—February 19-22

Our Big Security Sale is back! Save up to 41% on PremiumDNS and up to 52% on SSL Certificates from tomorrow (February 19, 12:00 AM EST) until February 22, 2019 11:59 EST. Check out the sale to take advantage of these awesome savings!

Putting Security at the Center of Your Business

You wouldn’t leave home without locking up. And you should not treat your website any differently. Your website is live 24/7, and potentially open to data breaches and other kinds of security hacks that could put your reputation and customer data at risk.

Now is the perfect time to lock the metaphorical door of your website.

Security Product Savings

  • PremiumDNS  – 1 year was $4.88, now $2.88 – save 41%
  • VPN 3 year plan was $5.88 a month, now $1.88 a month – save 68%
  • EssentialSSL – 1 year was $29, now $13.88 – save 52%
  • EssentialSSL Wildcard – 1 year was $99.90, now $68.88 – save 31%
  • Comodo EV SSL 1 year was $145, now $69.88 – save 52%
  • Free domain privacy privacy protection – as standard with all our eligible domains.

(There are greater discount % available for longer plans in most cases.)

As a bonus offer, you can also get a staggering 92% off a .tech domain—the industry standard for technology startups.

Why an SSL Certificate is Important to Your Website

An SSL Certificate encrypts the data between your server and the end user. Only the end user has the key to decrypt the data, making data sent from your site almost impossible for anyone else to decipher. SSLs are becoming more and more essential—sites with SSL certificates are now rewarded by Google while sites without show as “not secure” within Chrome and other browsers.

SSL encryption ensures that important data such as usernames, passwords, and credit card information is sent from the user to the site without the risk of interception. The main purpose of SSL is to provide secure online banking transactions, logins and data transfers that are useful for all manner of websites. It’s commonly used for these purposes but has others as well. SSL encryption:

  • Keeps data secure between servers, safe from the hands of hackers.
  • Builds and enhances customer trust and potentially improve conversion rates.
  • Ensures Google and other search engines don’t mark your site as unsafe.

What does PremiumDNS do?

The easiest way to think of DNS is as the route to your site, and how it is followed by a computer. PremiumDNS involves pointing your domain to premium nameservers, and setting up your records on these nameservers. This allows for improved site availability, faster performance, and minimal security gaps. Learn more about the purpose and benefits of DNS and PremiumDNS.

Learning More about Online Security

Having the right security is not everything when it comes to staying safe online. The following articles include other best-practise tips and tricks, and go into greater detail about online security.

Security Begins at Home

We have created two helpful infographics that explain, in the simplest terms, the best ways to approach your online security in all areas.

Why you should care about online privacy

Let’s face it – if you’re online, a lot of your information is out there. Data is power, and that power can be used against you when in the wrong hands. Here are some simple ways to protect yourself online.

How to keep your domain secure

Keeping your domain secure is vital to the functionality of your site, but it also helps towards your business reputation as a whole – the chances are if you run an online shop, you have customer information inside your site’s servers.

A guide to privacy in your small business

Online privacy is about limiting the access that websites and third parties have to our data. Making the right adjustments for safe interactions with the web can save you time and money while keeping customers on your side.

Which SSL is right for you?

In a nutshell, SSLs encrypt all data sent to and from a website making it safer to transmit passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal information. But how do you know which is the right one for you?

Further Learning—From EFF

This incredibly useful article from EFF, one of our partners, is a comprehensive guide to the detailed aspects of online security. Learn about everything from the more detailed side of how encryption works to best practices when browsing online.

Okay, I’m Ready For The Offers!

Great! It’s really easy to claim the offers. Simply select the products you wish to purchase from the offers list and add them to your cart.

No discount coupon codes are required (as your savings will be applied to the cart automatically), and you can purchase more than one of each offer. In fact, there’s no limit!

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