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Now introducing .drumpf, just $20.16/year

At Namecheap, we’re all about Making the Internet Great Again. That’s why we’re introducing the HUGEST TLD ever, .drumpf.

April Fools

Why should you pay the $20.16? Make Mexico buy it for you.

.Drumpf is a tremendous TLD for big websites. Just tremendous. We’re going to sell a bunch of them, and then we’re all gonna build an entire wall of websites with .drumpf. Why? To keep out these LOSERS who are out to get us, people. We’ve got this one covered.

Look, these other registrars, they’re all in the pockets of big wigs on Wall Street. Those people lie to you — they’ll tell you they can beat us. Forget those jokers. They’re weak. We don’t have to answer to Wall Street, and we’re beating those other guys everywhere we go! 100% the money behind .drumpf is our own money — over a hundred million dollars so far. We’re sparing no expense here either, folks. Only our best people are here to support you for .drumpf. The best.

Don’t be a moron by missing out on this one. Tell us what domain name you are going to register with .drumpf in our comments section. The best three will receive a credit for a free domain worth $10.69.


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