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NEW .INK, .WIKI, & .DESIGN Premium Domains

Share your passion and inspire the world with  .ink, .wiki, and .design domain names. Artists, educators, retailers, and investors have the chance to snap up premium domains that are recognizable, searchable, and attractive.

There are over 3,000 up for grabs, so make sure you read our list of  .ink, .wiki, and .design premium domains today.

Why Buy Premium Domain Names?

Premium domain names are called ‘premium’ for a reason. They’re made of common words, popular phrases, and recognizable search terms.  

A higher price tag is attached to premium domains. This is because they have some great advantages over regular domain names. 

  • They’re easy to remember. You’ll find industry-specific words and phrases that will help your brand become more memorable than the competition.
  • They’re a smart investment. Whether you buy-to-sell and make a profit, or keep it and build a website, a domain that uses common words will, (as Taylor Swift says), ‘never go out of style’.
  • They’re a marketer’s dream. They’re shorter in length and include known words, so customers are far more likely to trust, and purchase from namecheap.com, than naaaaaamecheip.com

If you want to get ahead of the competition, a premium domain can give you a head start. 

Express Yourself with .INK, .WIKI, and .DESIGN Domains

All three domains make a fantastic choice for those embarking on an exciting online venture, whether that’s sharing your passion, educating, or selling a product. Let’s take a closer look at each domain individually.

stack of books

Why You Need a .WIKI

A .wiki domain uses an instantly recognizable term, thanks to wikipedia.org. Gone are the days of dusty encyclopedias or CD-ROMs, we expect (and demand) our how-tos, step-by-step guides, and informative content all to be accessible online. 

Want to share knowledge, contribute tips, and bond with like-minded individuals? Whether your website supports collaboration, or you’d prefer to go it alone, a .wiki makes a great home for educating and fostering a community. 

If you’re looking to discuss the writing of Nora Ephron with fellow readers, or want to create your own guide to making a birdhouse, it’s a trustworthy online space to display your content. 

quill pen

Why You Need a .INK

There are so many creative ways to use a .ink domain. From writers to tattoo artists, pen stores to printing companies, it’s a domain for all kinds of people doing all types of things. 

Maybe you want to showcase your latest tattoo designs or launch your new tattoo parlor. Or perhaps you want to run a calligraphy workshop or sell handcrafted calligraphy pens. Whether you’re looking to build your journalist portfolio or sell your non-fiction, why not consider a .ink today?

Hedgehog with giant pen

Why You Need a .DESIGN

Design is everywhere. Most things that have been built, created, developed, both online and in real life have been looked at by a designer. If you’re creative in any way, a .design domain is a perfect place to showcase your work or sell your services.

There are lots of avenues a designer can take. Set designers for plays, films, and television, fashion designers, UX designers, web developers, graphic designers — design really is everywhere! Interior designers and landscape designers shape the way we see the world.

If you run a design company or are flying solo, choose a .design for your portfolio, share inspiration decks, and expand your online presence today.

Here’s How To Get Them

If you like what you’ve read, we’ve put together a handy list of .wiki, .ink, and .design premium domains for you to peruse. Enjoy.

We’d love to hear what you plan to do with yours, so tell us in the comments below!

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