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As you may have seen, we recently updated the range of dedicated servers complete with the latest Intel Xeon processors, SSD hard disks, 100% network uptime,  20 TB of bandwidth as standard and more. You can view the updated dedicated server range here. In this post, I’m going to tell you about some of the technology we use in providing these top of the range servers (at very low prices!). The servers are housed in our Phoenix data center. This is a tier 4 facility, with an abundance of redundant power, enormous amounts of cooling and is well connected on the fiber grid. Here are a few photos of our suite within the data center:

Row of server racks
The row of server racks
New row, new servers being instaled
New row, new servers being installed

We maintain several suites within the data center where we host some of our internal Namecheap.com infrastructure, servers used for shared / reseller / VPS hosting as well as our brand new range of dedicated servers. Each server itself is a brand new Supermicro server compromising of the latest, enterprise-level components. We’re using Intel Xeon E3 version 3s and Xeon E5 version 2s; the very latest and fastest CPUs around. These CPUs are also more power-efficient than older CPUs and as such, kinder to the environment. Hard disks are data center grade (Western Digital RE4 / Seagate ES / Intel or Samsung SSD) and all RAM is ECC. Network connectivity is fully 10 Gigabit with the bandwidth provided by Internap, Level3, Cogent and Inteliquent. Our core network runs off a combination of Juniper, Cisco and Brocade hardware and we’re delivering multiple 10 Gigabit to each rack. Each server has 3 network connections, all beautifully cabled. Public, private and IPMI all get their own interface.

Back of Microcloud rack
Back of Microcloud rack

Intel Xeon E3 single CPU based servers use the Supermicro microcloud platform. This allows us to achieve better rack density and further save on power usage. This makes us greener, and also allows us to pass the savings along to you. Intel Xeon E5 twin CPU based servers use the Supermicro Quattro platform. Again, this yields better density and lower power usage allowing us to offer the same (or faster) hardware than our competition and a substantially lower price. Every server we offer comes with a range of options. You can choose the operating system, control panel, management plan, additional bandwidth and more. Servers are deployed in under 2 hours from scratch, meaning you can get started with your project even sooner. So what are you waiting for? Check out the latest dedicated servers we have on offer today!

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