The new cPanel look: Paper Lantern

Hosting control panel perfection – Redefined


Here at Namecheap, everything we do is aimed at a single purpose – delivering the best customer experience possible. Web hosting is a major part of this effort. The teams at Namecheap and cPanel are constantly working to improve customer experience, refining every piece of interface you interact with on a daily basis.

We’re very pleased to announce the upgrade to the latest cPanel version, with the awesome new Paper Lantern theme. It’s compatible with all our shared servers and we think you’ll agree that it is truly something special.

Curious? Continue reading to learn more!

Take a moment to compare these two screenshots:



Did you notice the difference? The new cPanel theme is optimized to naturally accommodate modern widescreen displays, allowing more stuff to fit on your monitor and making the icons larger and bolder. Using a mobile device or vertical display? Not to worry: Paper Lantern uses responsive design to make sure everything is arranged evenly both horizontally and vertically.

A beautiful experience in every way

While the new design retains nearly all the same navigation tools you’re familiar with, all of the bars, icons, and other graphic elements have been enhanced with this new design sensibility. Compare these screenshots from the ‘File Manager’ area:



As you can see, you’ll still recognize the basic navigation and functionality. However, we’ve refined and updated key elements to make finding your most important files easier and more intuitive. Other menus were also revised in this way: preserving familiar functionality while adding a cleaner look and feel.

Not ready to make the change?

screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-18-38-58No problem. While we hope to make this transition to the new cPanel as smooth as possible, we understand that some users may need some time to get used to these changes. If you’re currently using a  x3 theme, we’re offering the option to keep your old cPanel look by using the ‘Retro’ style.

Once you’re ready, we encourage you to switch to the Paper Lantern Basic theme and explore its unique features and beautiful menus. Look for the ‘Change Style’ item in the search bar and click on ‘Apply’ next to the ‘Basic’ style.

We welcome your feedback about the new appearance, so feel free to send your comments and suggestions to

We hope this new cPanel will let you take control of the best website of all – yours!

Let’s dive into the new cPanel world together!

14 thoughts on “The new cPanel look: Paper Lantern”

  1. Do not be afraid to change your CPanel, it’s a great feeling to work with the new design and it’s easier than the old CPanel. Try it …. ;-) If you need hife, Namcheap is a super help in the background. To the team very heartfelt thanks.

    Norbert Leisch

  2. I really like the new interface. Compared to the old CPanel interface it is not a big learning curve if any at all. Besides it’s good to create new grooves in the brain once in a while :) Thanks and have a great day!

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