Namecheap’s New Redesign is Live!

We’re thrilled to announce that you’re looking at a fully redesigned Namecheap website!

We carefully analyzed your feedback (thanks for your comments!), and we’ve been working hard these past few months to build the site you asked for.

All your most-requested scenarios have been included in our redesign. The new site is responsive, which means you can access it from any device, mobile or desktop. It has a cleaner interface, making it easier to find and do whatever you need. You can buy domain names and hosting packages with ease, see SSLs at a glance, and so much more.

Please take a look at the new site and let us know your thoughts. We welcome your feedback and will continue to strive for excellence.


31 thoughts on “Namecheap’s New Redesign is Live!”

  1. The sign in box should not disappear if I have clicked inside the Username textbox and then move my mouse away from the textbox to type.

  2. Dizzy – it’s a drop down menu. If you move your mouse away, it is implied that you no longer want to access the menu.

    If I am misunderstanding the issue, please do not hesitate to contact us via support.

  3. Tamar, the sign in box should not be contained in a dropdown menu in my opinion. If it is, then it should not go away in the middle of my typing because my mouse happened to move 1 inch to the right. I think a lot of people might have the habit of moving the mouse away from the box before they begin typing. Although the modern design looks fantastic, the login box did not feel intuitive because of it being inside a dropdown that causes it do disappear upon loss of mouse focus.

  4. So to clarify, are you saying it lost the focus as you were typing simply because your mouse was moved away? I see, makes more sense now. Thanks!

  5. Nice new look! I’ve enabled the two-factor authentication option, which is great. However, it would be nice to add a “do not require two-factor authentication on this computer” checkbox. Some sites let you do that by burning a cookie to mark a computer as trusted for a while.

  6. First off, congrats on the new redesign! Really enjoying the new soft color theme.

    I was told on Twitter to post feedback here so here we go! After playing with the site for a bit (just the main site, not the control panel), some suggestions from my first experience came to mind:

    1) For me, it is more common for login/logout to be in the top-right corner of sites instead of top left like you’ve placed it. (ex: Twitter, Facebook, etc all put it in top-right). I would switch it so that the login/logout and the user account dropdown are on the right, rather than the left, to follow this UI convention.

    2) When I started to play with the menu, I quickly noticed how the menu items are duplicated, making the slide out menu redundant. When I click ‘menu’ I expect to see more menu items that are additional to the main ones (Domains, Hosting, Websites, Security). Instead, I’m shown the same 4 menu items to start, then some extras. This causes confusion and having redundant links adds clutter to the user experience. I would choose one or the other.. either have a ‘menu’ and thats it. Or my recommendation would be to keep “Domains, Hosting, Websites, Security” and then have a ‘more’ button or icon representing ‘more’ (…) and when hovering over that, shows the additional items like Deals, Affiliates, and Resellers (which is the only reason that whole side menu exists in desktop mode). However, I would maintain having that slide out menu only showing up when the site is viewed on a mobile site (triggered in the responsive design code for screen sizes smaller than a desktop screen).

    3) The Cart in the top-right corner was not immediately apparent that it was a clickable link to visit the shopping cart. The way it is positioned next to the currency changer, makes it appear to be an icon representing the currency changing option, not a separate menu item on it’s own. I would recommend sticking to the design convention you have going at the top, and make a text-based link for ‘cart’ or ‘view cart’ next to the cart icon, and put a visual separator line, or more spacing, between the cart and the currency change dropdown, to visually make it clear they are separate.

    Glad to help out any way I can to give feedback! You can reach me @chad_fullerton

    A Proud Long-time Namecheap Customer.

  7. I LOVE IT! Really, the new design is clean and professional and so easy to use! I’m in love, great job!

  8. As a long time user and managing over 50 domains, i HATE this new design, it has stretched everything out, made it “modern” and unusable, what was once a fast task(checking a new domain, buying it, done) has become a monster.
    the login box is HORRIBLY placed in a “dropdown” div thingy, which in itself is a horrible design, bring back the old design or prepare for a lot of lost customers.

  9. Hi Helge, we’re definitely listening to your comments and this thread is being passed onto our design team. If there’s anything specific outside the login dropdown that you can share with us to optimize, we’re listening!

  10. For once, I think I like Godaddy’s navigation better. I know its meant to be responsive, but when practical navigation is overlooked, I like the old design better. Also, the blog still isn’t integrated with the design, it is possible to make a wordpress theme.

  11. Hey Eric, our blog redesign is coming as is the backend redesign. This is simply phase 1.

  12. I do have to agree with Helge and Eric’s points:

    – The responsive design is great (looks really nice on mobile), HOWEVER – on a desktop the ‘full width’ aspect of the site I am finding is hurting the usability of the site because it is too spaced out. The old site had a ‘fixed width’ which was much nicer since everything was condensed into the middle of the screen and quicker to find and click. Most designs these days (Facebook, Twitter, this very blog, GoDaddy even) are all fixed width. I suggest your design team go back to a fixed width (set the max width in the css for desktop users – but you can still keep it so it’s responsive and resizes smaller for mobile).

    – If you look at GoDaddy’s site, their navigation is more usable. They followed most of the conventions I mentioned in my last blog post. They have a more traditional layout for the main navigational items. No duplicate slide out menu. Main menu items are clear and easy to find. They put login/account info in the top RIGHT of the site, and their shopping cart says ‘CART’ instead of an icon or currency changer. I suggest to the design team that they re-arrange those key elements of the site, and keep it fixed width to be more usable.

    – To add to Helge’s point, searching for a domain name (which is the main item Namecheap is known for) is basically impossible to do now from your new control panel since you took away the ‘search’ box you used to have on the old control panel header. So now once we login, there is essentially no way to search for a domain! The only way is to figure out that we have to click ‘domains’ > ‘registration’ > wait for the page to load > type a domain > then click search. That’s twice the effort and clicks than it used to take. I suggest to the design team that a domain search box (with advanced options) is returned to the control panel at the top and displayed prominently.

    I’ll share more as I use the new design and test it out more.

  13. After browsing the site more, I noticed that indeed the designers have been using ‘fixed width’ design for the main content at around 1200px width. However, the header is fluid, which feels very disjointed.

    See this screenshot to illustrate my point:

  14. ICANN logo in the footer is appearing cut off for me on control panel / account pages.

    But looks fine on public pages like the homepage, etc. which appear to be using different headers/footers (the styling height on the dark bar across the top in the header is different on the homepage vs. account pages).

  15. Yeah, how much usability testing was actually done on this? I have 30 domains registered, multiple SSLs and now have started using your email hosting and just had a terrible time trying to figure out how to jump between the two. It doesn’t even look like there is a menu option for “Email” underneath my profile in the upper left?! I had to use CTRL + F and write in “email” to find where the small email link was hiding in the dashboard of my page. That’s rough. Truly, people do switch from GoDaddy to Namecheap for ease of use and simplicity and this may well be a step in the wrong direction.

    I understand that NameCheap management probably felt the need to keep up with the whole fluid / responsive thing but so far this is rough. I have a list of things … I’d look to MailChimp though as a company that does responsive really well but as you can read on their blog they do a huge amount of testing.

    On a positive note, LiveChat is a really nice, cool feature … and that support is easy 24×7.

  16. There is a lot that can be talked about but since you have access to analytics and data you can tell better if the re-design is working out well or not.

    I would bring up two points

    1. The previous design allowed you to showcase multiple tabs to showcase different offers also was much readable.

    Right now the slider and the entry field is sort of mixed up

    2. It is Too Wide I guess. Perhaps you should consider keeping the site full width but shrink the border area for content also come up with better image/color contrast ratio for the above the fold area and also below the Getting your site online is easier.. Add images to the three tabs.

    That would work well.

  17. Dear Tamar, did Namecheap drop the Shortlist function? (That starred list to the right of the search page, next to premium domain names and search history.)

    I used that function to brainstorm, research and save ideas for future projects and now I can’t find it anywhere. I hope it’s just misplaced, or else I have lost work that I only had saved under my Namecheap account.

    Thanks for the attention.

  18. Hi Tamar, with the new brand launch I suggest bringing back the 50% off tshirts/swag. I’d like to get a Namecheap tshirt I can wear on my podcast videos to help promote NC :)

  19. Hi Tamar, had the funniest experience when I went to login to my account the other day and thought you guys got hacked (or at least taken over by someone who believed in really wide design principles).

    I would suggest you put something on the site regarding “like our re-design (click here)”.

    But I think in general, my experience of spending 10 mins checking the dns speaks of the new designs failure to include the customer element which can be so crucial.

    NC is perhaps the greatest registar on the planet, and like an classic brand, redesign of any element should be carefully considered!

  20. DW – we made sure this was in our newsletter and announced here and in all parts of social media. ;) Therefore, our bases were covered, though we’re happy we surprised a few folks. (You’re not the first to think our site was hacked, by the way. Funny indeed!)

    We also mentioned in all of those places that the customer backend is phase two of the redesign, so fret not, it’s coming.

  21. Like a few others, I first thought NC had either been hacked or I had the wrong site! I don’t like the changes. The repetitive “Menu” is a waste of screen space. The account interface is confusing. While I’m all for updating websites, I only have three domains, but I’m doing some major changes to my websites that require DNS access. And I can’t find it! I’m off to use the Chat, because trying to navigate this new site is literally giving me a headache.

  22. I find the redesigned site much harder to use. I only come to for two things, to quickly check for and register a new domain and check to see when my existing domains will expire.

    When I opened up at first I thought I was on the wrong website. I had to double check to make sure I didn’t open the wrong URL. The redesign doesn’t feel like a website that you use to register domains. The design doesn’t, in my opinion, match your function.

    Also, with IE9, I cannot even search for domains. I type in the domain I am interested in the search field, click search and nothing happens. The webpage doesn’t change, there’s no reloading, it doesn’t even hang, it is like I am clicking a non-functioning button.

    I am not against redesigns but this feels like the person doing the redesign didn’t take the core purpose of the website into consideration. The fact that I can’t even search for domains means the website is useless to me. I will have to find a different registrar in order to register new domains.

  23. Hi George, it was done in-house. :) We have a full time staff building out enhancements all the time!

    Let me guess, you like it?

  24. Tamar, I think the new design looks great! Even my wife liked it, and we hardly ever agree on website designs we like. :)

    I do wish that the main menu included “manage …” links when I was logged in. I really hope you guys revamp your management portal to match.

    p.s thanks for the “nodaddy” promo code a couple of years ago. I haven’t used ’em since.

  25. Hi Jonathan, that’s great! I am happy to hear! And yes, the management portal is a work in progress :)

  26. Being new, I thought your disappearing search box meant that only people who sign-in get to search! IT’S GOING TO LOWER REGISTRATIONS AND PISS-OFF PEOPLE!

    Don’t be an idiot and make it EASY for people to search for domains!

    I almost left, but wanted to leave feedback… but how many people are leaving? Are you checking how long people are sticking around before they hit the back button?

  27. I am wondering where on earth this great feedback is coming from. I have talked to 3 people to go take a look at this site wondering if I am the only one looking at a horrible mess and we can all agree.

    You have the wrong idea for a design for a domain registrar. This looks like a place to buy kids clothing with no actual shop. It is confusing. The layout isn’t intuitive.

    Congratulations on having designers that are up to date with how to use bootstrap html5 and mobile-responsive updated coding. But when you guys are not even following a standard to put a login in the right hand corner and you have designed it full width and then also so people can browse it with ease on the phone instead of on their computer, this is ridiculous.

    Between my husband’s account and my own account we have over 30 domains on this website. There is no WAY I would ever refer someone to go here now to grab their domain so we can site build for them. What are they going to think of us as their site builders when they see an extension of who we “work with” looks and feels like it can’t be taken seriously?

    You dont need to show off what your designers can code. You need to make the site intuitive and functional for browsing primarily on a computer.

    The blog is beautiful.

  28. Hi all – just a heads up: we logged the bugs reported in the comments here and have tasks out to our developers to fix them. We have a big roadmap of fixes as a result of some very great comments posted here — thank you!

    That said, there have been comments made and not posted since they have not added value to the redesign.

    Yes, we get that some issues need our addressing. We’re working on it. But if you’re going to post comments that “I hate the design and I’m leaving” without anything constructive, we also find that it’s not constructive to post. We have opened comments solely for the purpose of allowing you to give us feedback that we can address. For the most part, you did do that. Only two comments have not been approved.

    Chances are, your new registrar will have redesigns in the future. Maybe you’ll like them. We like to be pioneers in our industry, from being the first to accept Bitcoin (now several do), to being the ones who take the biggest stance toward a free and open Internet.

    In short, we do these things because we care about our customers. And therefore, we are listening. Write comments that help us listen and ones we truly can respond to, not ones that don’t add value.

    Still, we’re going to change the protocol for submitting feedback about our redesign. If you’d like to contribute constructive feedback about the redesign, you can email newsite at namecheap dot com. Comments on this post will now be closed.

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