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Namecheap’s new DNS infrastructure

As many of you are aware, we’ve been the unfortunate victim of some rather severe DDoS attacks in recent weeks and months. These are not something we’ve taken lightly so as well as mitigating and fighting against these attacks, we’ve also been making some improvements to our infrastructure.

Our existing DNS infrastructure was based around 5 servers located in diverse places across North America. This has handled our DNS systems admirably until these attacks started. Some service incorruptions have occurred as a result of these attacks and as a result, we’ve been upgrading and improving our DNS infrastructure behind the scenes. Now we’re ready to tell you a little about it.

Our new infrastructure more than triples the number of servers and adds geographically diverse servers around the world. Without giving away precise figures, each “DNS Server” is becoming a cluster of servers diversely located within a region, designed to make it harder for DDoS attacks to affect our DNS server.

We are continuing to upgrade and expand our DNS infrastructure into 2011. We aim to have servers in all 4 corners of the globe by mid 2011 and these will be setup to our regional cluster schematic.

Here’s a simple diagram showing some of our plans and server locations.

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