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Take Advantage of Our New Early Access Period for TLDs

What’s better than getting new stuff? Being the first to get it, of course!
Namecheap’s Early Access Period gives you (you guessed it!) early access to newly released top level domains (TLDs) before they go on sale to the public.
You see, while most new domains just appear on the public market, others go through certain pre-release periods, after being approved by ICANN but before hitting the shelves. The first period is called “Sunrising,” during which trademark owners can exclusively register domains containing their brand.
After Sunrising comes the Early Access Period (sometimes also known as “Landrush”). During the EAP, a domain is available to purchase for an additional Early Access fee on top of the regular price. The duration and particulars of an EAP vary from registry to registry, but it typically lasts up to a week. Finally, after the EAP, the domain enters General Availability (GA) where it may be purchased by the public at market price.
This year, we’re excited to kick off our Early Access on October 2nd with the .page TLD. You can be one of the first people to grab this useful and versatile namespace. Namecheap is dedicated to quality products and will guarantee all successfully completed purchases made during EAP.
And we’re always onboarding new domains, so be sure to keep an eye on our New TLDs page for current info on the latest domain news and EAP releases.

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