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Namecheap Partners with New York On Tech

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with New York On Tech. New York On Tech helps underrepresented young students prepare for academic and professional careers in technology, connecting them to opportunities and industry experts.
Through a series of workshops, this partnership will utilize our resources to help with training, website and resume building, and developing other tools to help the students succeed in the digital era.
By helping students with these aspects of their online development, we will better prepare them to navigate their way through college, upcoming job searches, and prospective careers. The collaboration will be focused on delivering unique technical skills that will improve the efficiency from college to the workplace.

The Importance of Online Skills

As a company, we understand how important it is to set the new generation up with a strong online presence.
Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall said, “Creating an online presence is an absolute must for the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. Combining Namecheap’s technology with New York on Tech’s mission will help provide students with the tools and skills they need to help them in all areas of their lives. In doing this, we hope to contribute to building the tech talent of tomorrow! Our partnership is incredibly exciting,”

Workshop Specifics

Our workshops are designed carefully to help students understand how an online presence can make life milestones more attainable. By making these sessions a personally relevant, engaging experience, Namecheap will be teaching underprivileged high school students how to use technology to help lead them to their next academic stage or career steps.
In addition, Namecheap will provide resources such as free domains, so students can easily create a website.
The workshops will consist of several two-hour training sessions focused on the importance of self-branding. The students will also utilize resources provided by Namecheap, and put their best work online for prospective college admissions or employers.

The Future of Our Collaboration with New York On Tech

We hope the unique set of characteristics provided by the collaboration between us and New York on Tech will be the start of an ongoing relationship. The partnership will give students a unique opportunity to get the knowledge they need to better prepare them for the future.
We will be bringing you more information about the workshops as they happen.

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