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Namecheap Partners With Adobe Portfolio

We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Adobe Portfolio, the go-to portfolio website creator for millions of customers worldwide.
Namecheap domains will be available directly within the Adobe platform in a few, simple clicks, and customers will enjoy exclusive discounts on our top TLDs.
Here’s what our COO, Hillan Klein, had to say about the partnership:

“Namecheap and Adobe Portfolio share a mission to help designers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups launch their ideas to the world through their own website. Namecheap’s custom integration into their platform will make purchasing and connecting a domain name easier than ever before for Adobe Portfolio customers.”

Helping in Our Mission

For nearly two decades Namecheap has been steadfast in creating new products and joining partnerships that improve accessibility and affordability. Our goal has always been to allow more people to bring their ideas and dreams to life on the Internet. The exciting new partnership with Adobe is a hugely significant next step in doing this.

What Adobe Said About the Partnership

Will Allen, Senior Director for Behance, 99U, and Portfolio at Adobe offered these words about the partnership:

“Adobe Portfolio’s mission is to help creatives quickly and easily build custom, beautiful websites to showcase their work, and we’re always innovating with the creative in mind. This newest integration with Namecheap is yet another feature that makes Portfolio best-of-breed and allows for creatives to stay true to their unique brand through increased customization capabilities.”

How it Works

The platform is available, free of charge, to all Creative Cloud subscribers, regardless of subscription level. For subscribers, it’s as simple as picking a theme, uploading content and publishing their website using the domain of their choice. With a strong international presence, Adobe Portfolio serves creatives across the globe through localization tools. Adobe Portfolio is available in 19 languages, including English, Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Korean.
Customers can purchase a new domain within Adobe Portfolio, which includes a free lifetime subscription to Namecheap’s privacy software, domain privacy. Additionally, all domain purchases within Adobe Portfolio will also benefit from Namecheap’s amazing, 24/7 signature customer service.

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