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Namecheap: Our stance on email privacy

Privacy. It’s one of the biggest buzzwords on the internet right now, and rightly so. Just who does read your emails? Who watches your instant messaging conversations? And who listens in to your calls?


Most people would hope the answer is just the intended recipient, whatever the communication medium.

Email, by its very nature, is usually intended to go to one person or selected people only. You don’t expect the postal service to read a letter you mail. And you don’t expect an email service provider to read or monitor an email you send. But it has recently come to light the largest email service providers are monitoring emails. They are displaying ads based on what they read in these emails. And worse, they share the contents of these emails with third parties. The scary part is that this has been going on for years; a quick check of the largest service providers; terms and conditions entitles them to do this.

And I’m not naming names here. You know who I’m talking about. But as a company, privacy is something that Namecheap feels very strongly about. Hence me writing this blog post.

And that brings me onto our own email platform. For several years, we’ve offered a private and secure Open-Xchange based cloud email platform. A platform built to Namecheap’s privacy values. We do not read your email. We do not serve ads based on your email content. And we definitely do not share email data with third parties.

You can find out here more about our email platform. We include a 30-day free trial and privacy is cheap; our packages cost from just $1.50 per month.

Just to clarify, we feel it honest and pertinent to point out that we do not gather information, nor do we profile users of our email platform in any shape or form. That being said, what happens outside of our scope and when an email leaves our platform is completely out of our control. If you require further encryption, there are other products/services (e.g. PGP) that you can utilize.

We pledge and give you our word to continue to fight for your privacy rights. We are, as always, on the front line of this fight. We’ve fought PIPA, we’ve fought SOPA, we’ve fought CISPA and we continue to support organizations like EFF, stopwatching.us and more in our fight for free and open internet.

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