Namecheap Managers Meet with CapGemini to Discuss Future of Company

Greetings!  At NameCheap, we are dedicated to providing the best service at the lowest cost.  We decided to meet with CapGemini, a company dedicated to helping companies forge paths for the future.

What did we discuss?

1.) Using tools to ensure teams work efficiently and are communicating effectively to one another.

2.) Increasing the scope of NameCheap’s offerings in accordance to customers’ needs.

3.) Improving our means to gain customer feedback.

4.) How NameCheap can better express its culture and dedication to its customers.

We thank CapGemini for hosting us, as well as taking this lovely photo of our management team :D.


5 thoughts on “Namecheap Managers Meet with CapGemini to Discuss Future of Company”

  1. Hi folks,

    Why didn’t you photograph yourselves with proper lighting?

    Most of the faces are lost in the shade.

    Pl take a fresh professional group photo and publish it on your web site.

    We are so happy with your excellent service and would like to see the good guys providing it!

    And your web site’s revamp is long overdue. May be you can think of using WordPress with a regular blog thrown in as part of continuous communication with your customers.



  2. Oh yes, I agree with my above commentator that should be redesigned. It is not matching with the other sites providing same services (domains & hosting)

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