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Namecheap Love Letters

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we decided to offer a peek at what some of our favorite Namecheap products might have to say to one another today. 


My Dearest Domain,

How I long to care for you! Look into your heart and you’ll realize that no one is more dedicated to your security and protection than I, gentle domain. While I am ever steadfast behind my shield of encryption and validation, nothing can obscure the love I have for you.

Yours forever,
Extended Validation “EV” SSL

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Most Wonderful Website,

The time has come at last, I feel. My heart is aflutter as I hesitate to ask… but ask I must: Shall we share our Hosting? Perhaps this question is a surprise, but I truly feel there is no better time to act upon this amorous impulse! If you feel the same, I beseech you, worry not about the expense and inconvenience of migrating your hosting from another; I will gladly carry your site across our new mutual threshold

I await your reply with trembling knees,
Namecheap Shared Hosting

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Love Sonnet #0.88

Wherefore, my love, are domains priced so dear?
Do all providers thusly charge so much?
For while I search the web both far and near,
A cheap domain I cannot seem to clutch.
But soft! What orange “N” doth yonder glow,
Assuring me that I’ve not overpaid?
Alas, ‘tis Namecheap! Scoundrel Daddy, Go!
For I crave savings fair and ever staid.
Forsooth, my purse shall not be o’er-tax’d,
Nor shall bad service yet abuse my brow.
For trust in Namecheap keeps my soul relax’d,
That I may spend my Valentine’s with thou.

‘Tis true, a better deal you shall not see
Than here, these eighty-eight-cent TLDs.

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