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Summer traditionally marks a slow-down for many businesses as everyone goes off to enjoy their vacations. But what if that didn’t mean you had to stop being productive? 

Whether you’re lying on a beach or lying to yourself about needing a holiday—if you use the time productively, by the end of summer you could have something great to launch you into the busy fall period.  

So how do you use your time on the beach—or in the log cabin, cruise ship, or travel motel—as the inspiration to unlock your creativity and also enjoy a cracking vacation too?

Start with up to 99% Off 

We have blistering deals across our product range, so you can pick up some of the best domains, WordPress hosting, email and security products for less. Check out our hot summer deals and save big. That should help get your creative juices flowing!

Domain Savings

  • .net $12.98 $10.88 – Save 16%
  • .co $23.98 $7.88 – Save 67%
  • .io $32.88  $26.88 – Save 18%
  • .store $48.88 $1.88 – Save 96%
  • .cloud $19.88  $3.88 – Save 80%

EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting 

  • EasyWP Starter (Monthly) $1.00 $0.01 – Save 99%
    Gets your small site or blog online affordably, in minutes.
  • EasyWP Turbo (Monthly) $2.00 $0.02 – Save 99%
    Perfect for medium sites with more traffic and storage needs.
  • EasyWP Supersonic (Monthly) $3.00 $0.03 – Save 99%
    Need lots of storage, and already have lots of traffic? Supersonic is for you!

Protect sites with SSL Certificates and VPN, and stay in touch with Private Email

  • Positive SSL Wildcard 1 year: $94.00 $65.88 – Save 30% 2 years: £92.50/y $50.88/y – Save 45%
  • Namecheap VPN 1 month: $5.88 $1 – Save 93%
  • Private Email $9.88 5.88 – Save 40% 

Refine your vision

In need of inspiration? Check out these carefully-selected articles in conjunction with our awesome deals!

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    ‘Digital nomad’—you’ve read the term several times already on this page alone, but what does it mean, and how do you become one?
  • Stay connected even on vacation
    As a business owner, there are many things to consider when it comes to taking a vacation to ensure your business doesn’t suffer. Find out how to make your vacation painless.
  • The best digital tools for productivity
    With so many tools out there claiming to make your business life easier, it can be hard seeing the wood from the trees. Understand the apps for you with our guide to digital tools.

Start Saving

Our Hot Summer Deals runs from midnight ET on July 16th to the end of the day on July 19th.  Check out with your offers now—and don’t forget, with a bit of inspiration, and a sprinkling of luck, this summer can be the most productive time of the year so far!

Check out the Hot Summer Deals now!

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