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Our Back to School Deals Have Officially Arrived!

Our ‘Back to School’ sale is now on, and you won’t believe the range of discounts available. Whether you’re after domains, hosting, EasyWP managed WordPress, Private Email, or all four, it’s your lucky day!
Visit our landing page for more information on how to claim your deals. Hurry—these offers must end at 11:59 PM ET on September 14, 2018.

The Deals in Detail

We have savings across our entire product range for this mega sale.


  • .app – 14% discount
  • .com23% discount
  • .ai – 15% discount
  • .io – 24% discount
  • .gg – 44% discount
  • .me – 80% discount


  • Stellar Hosting – 50% discount on both monthly and yearly subscriptions
  • EasyWP – 50% discount on yearly subscriptions


  • Private Email – 30% discount
  • Business Email – 48% discount

Why We’re Doing This Amazing Sale

The annual back to school season marks a big change in the year. It’s the formal end of summer, but also represents the start of something new. And we believe these new starts shouldn’t stop just because you’ve finished school. We want you to use our offers this fall season as a springboard to jump back into productivity!

Things to Consider

If you are considering a move into the world of online business for the first time, or even if you’re already there, we have a ton of blogs that might be able to help you out. Whether it’s getting your business off the ground, maximizing your productivity, or balancing work with continuous learning—we’ve got it all!

Get Your Business Idea Off the Ground in 7 Steps

Does your startup or digital business plan look great in your head, but not so much on paper? Don’t even think about trying to get your business idea started without reading our super helpful guide. Everything you need to think about is right here. Learn more.

Maximizing Your Digital Productivity

We’ve researched, tested, and compiled a whole range of digital apps designed to help you become more productive. Whether it’s managing your time, note-taking, accounting, or even apps that relegate the evil of procrastination to the confines of the past, we’ve got you covered! Learn more.

Learn While You Earn

As we grow, it’s easy to lose the childlike desire to learn. We’ve come up with some excellent ways of keeping your inner child nourished with knowledge, while you’re running your business simultaneously. From study buddies to book worming, our ideas can set you on a healthy path of self-education. Learn more.

Over to You

The rest is up to you! Go to our deals page to claim the offers you want. We can’t wait to hear about the exciting things you achieve with these offers. Tell us your story for a chance to be featured in our newsletter.

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