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Namecheap Announces Their New Crystal Ball Technology: The Guesstimator™ (patent pending)!

Everyone knows that finding the right products and services can be difficult and taxing on your brain. Namecheap has come up with a way to remove the need for you to think at all. Today they announced the most innovative solution to hit the market, yet – the <™>Guesstimator™ (patent pending).
Like magic, the Guesstimator™ instinctively knows not only everything you want but everything you need both for your website and your life, in general. Need every domain extension known to man? We know you do. Need 20 random applications for your web hosting? You bet it’ll add them for you. Forgot your father’s birthday? The Guesstimator™ just knows and will automatically add that Chia® Pet, electronic shaving kit, and subscription to the fruit of the month club right to your cart. Who could ask for anything more?

No more worries about those missed opportunities. The Guesstimator™ has you covered. Don’t take our word for it, though. Try it today and experience the magic for yourself!


Thank you for playing along.

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