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Namecheap Acquires Launchaco Website Builder

We are thrilled to announce that Namecheap has acquired Launchaco, a website builder platform that makes launching a site a seamless process. Launchaco allows for the creation of beautiful, clean websites that are also optimized for mobile.

We loved the simplicity that the product brings to the creation of websites, and believe that the expertise that their team provides will give Namecheap a huge boost in the market.

Why Launchaco Fits Namecheap

The Launchaco product and team will further Namecheap’s mission in paving the way to a free and open web. Today, the service allows you to easily launch a beautiful startup website without fussing with code.

As part of the Namecheap family, Launchaco will grow to accommodate any business or individual looking to establish an online presence.

Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall said about the acquisition,

“We’re excited to have Cameron and Marc join our team to help us bring a simple and intuitive site builder to our customers. We are always striving to create unique and memorable experiences, something we’ll keep top of mind as we work together to design and build this new tool for our customers.”

Marc and Cameron founded Launchaco just under a year ago and the two-person team has already helped nearly 7,000 startups launch their websites. We hope bringing Launchaco and Namecheap together will not only help a wide audience get online but will also rival market leaders.

Using Launchaco on the Namecheap Platform

Launchaco will be integrated into the Namecheap platform soon. Watch this space—exciting announcements coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Namecheap Acquires Launchaco Website Builder”

  1. Very interested in Launchaco. I hope you add features, I would happily pay much more if you could add a few key features…
    1. a/b testing
    2. embed code (for embedding videos,etc)
    3. forms

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