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Namecheap Account Panel Issue

Dear customers,
Today we experienced an issue on our website that impacted customers who were trying to manage their products in our Account Panel. This was the result of an expired SSL certificate for our Account Panel.
We have since investigated how this happened, and we want to be completely open about what went wrong. A bug in our load balancer, the infrastructure that directs traffic to our different servers, caused our config file to crash. As a result, our system was reverted back to an earlier state, which included the SSL Certificate that had expired on October 7, 2018.
Our first step was to get our valid SSL Certificate installed quickly to make sure our customers could access their accounts and continue about their business.
We will continue with our investigation into the crash of the config file, but we wanted to apologize to each of our customers that may have been impacted by the issue.
Our promise to you is to keep working to ensure this kind of disruption does not happen again, and always to be completely transparent with our customers when we do have issues.
Sincerely Yours,
Richard Kirkendall

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Richard Kirkendall

Richard Kirkendall is the CEO of Namecheap. More articles written by Richard.

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