Namecheap Announces 2nd Annual Move Your Domain Day

Last year, our customers helped us raise more than $64,000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation in the fight for our Internet freedom. With SOPA lingering, we told our lawmakers that we do not want a closed Internet.

SOPA in its iteration in 2012 may have been squashed, but we continually face threats to our Internet freedoms.

That’s why, in 2013, Namecheap plans to fight again for an open Internet with a new fundraiser for EFF. On January 22nd (EST), we will be observing our second annual Move Your Domain Day. Domain transfers during that 24 hour period for com, net, org, info, and biz domains will be $3.99*. In addition, we will be donating $0.50 for every domain transfer to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

But that’s not all. If there are more than 10,000 transfers to Namecheap on January 22nd, we will be donating $1 per domain transfer to EFF. If there are more than 20,000, we’ll be donating $1.50 for every domain transferred to us.

We hope you can join us in solidarity to ensure that our Internet stays open and free.

For more information regarding the 2nd Annual Move Your Domain Day, visit us here.

Prepare for your transfer by reading this document with our transfer tips.

* Limit 50 domains per household/business. ICANN fee of $0.18 will be added to .com and .net domains.

135 thoughts on “Namecheap Announces 2nd Annual Move Your Domain Day”

  1. I’m really glad that NameCheap is doing this again! They’re the only hosting/domain provider that actually cares. I certainly chose the right place to register my domain.

  2. Thank you NameCheap! Most of my domains are already on NameCheap but this gives me a great chance to transfer any that are not on NC yet!!!! :) :) :)

  3. Hi Sufiyan! No problem! Let your friends know and have them join us on 1/22! Thanks for your interest!

  4. Can I purchase the transfers even if my domains are locked for a few more days at godaddy? I have 12 domains that I will transfer but are locked until 01/27/2013.

  5. Michael, I’m afraid we are only doing this on 1/22. But I suspect we’ll do it in 2014 too!

  6. It’s probably in Namecheap’s best interest give Michael the deal a few days later — GoDaddy domain locking is *exactly* the reason you should be wanting people to move to Namecheap!

  7. Oh Tony, we have a coupon code for him even if he wanted to transfer today. But the EFF fundraising effort is on 1/22 only. After that, Michael can use coupon code SWITCH2NC.

  8. I will also move my GD names to namecheap, GD locks domain names for three months if they are pushed via GD auction site. C’mon!

  9. Hi Adam, our landing page will be linked here with more information, but yes, it includes free whois privacy for the first year and DNS, among others. We’ll get that updated soon. Thanks!

  10. Namecheap is the best domain registrar ever! If I had any domains off of NameCheap, I’d definitely move them here!

  11. Gene, yep! We’ll provide additional details in the landing page which will be live shortly and linked to this post.

  12. In preparation for the event, I made sure to unlock, get EPP code, and remove privacy. Are there any other steps you recommend be done ahead of time to ensure a smooth transition?

  13. Hitesh – if your domain expires in 2014, the transfer will add a year so it will now expire in 2015.

  14. can we start pushing now or we need to wait for the exact date? And what is the exact date, is it your server time? How are we to know your server time?

    p/s : i cant wait to forward my other domain ;)

  15. Web Dude, SWITCH2NC is not new at all. We’ve been using it for years. Google it. It’s on that website too (January 2012) ;)

    moneygrows, the fundraiser is on January 22nd only. It will happen on EST, Eastern Standard Time.

  16. Does the transfer have to *complete* on January 22nd, or just be initiated? Every domain I’ve ever transferred has taken 5 days or so to complete.

  17. I have over 40 domains with godaddy I plan on transferring also. In buying domains with namecheap recently not only are they fairly priced but they don’t force other expensive products down your throat daily.

  18. Rob, the transfer must be initiated then. We realize that some domains transfer within hours and others transfer within days.

  19. I have transferred most of my domains from GD and others over to Namecheap over the past year and will certainly be moving the rest over on this date.

    Namecheap is doing great and will have my continued support.
    Keep up the good work and thank you for this opportunity.

    Best wishes!

  20. My wife and I will be celebrating our 3rd Anniversary on Jan 22. This is so awesome!

    I won’t transferring any domains as I don’t have any domains from other domain name providers. But will definitely be ordering domains on that day.

  21. I bought a domain from a third party and it’s locked by GoDaddy for 60 days. But I already have 50+ domains with Namecheap. I’ll see if I can move the domain on the 22nd. Thanks for supporting the EFF.

  22. Great idea.
    Will be moving my domain from Dreamhost to Namecheap.

    I guess the answer is yes, but can I pay using the credit already on my Namecheap account?


  23. fundraiser for EFF is a great idea!
    Why are the other hosts like Godaddy, Networksolutions, bulkregister not doing it as well?
    I can move around 60 or 70 of my client domains to Name Cheap but I need to be able to speak to a human being and not just to a machine!
    Please contact me via email mentioned above.
    In any case Good luck for your EFF fundraiser :)

  24. Ken, we’re not machines. Please contact us any time if you need help using Live Chat. It is real time and can be found on the top of our website (24×7 Support button on the right).

  25. I am afraid that I was not able to find a contact number any where on the site!

    I and my clients own a large number of domains many going back to 1996 and so I guess that we are a bit old fashioned about this and find the telephone to be a lot better in sooooo many ways than a “live chat”! :)

    What if I moved over a few more domains, then would you guys be able to actually get a land telephone line for NameCheap?

  26. Hi Ken, we take our support service offerings seriously and give the highest standard of support via Live Chat. I’ll definitely note your request for telephone support. Thanks, and hope to see you soon!

  27. Finally and great timing too. I have several domains up for renewal instead I will transfer to NC saves me a lot of money.

  28. can I transfer my 19 domains to you from PDR?

    or is there any limit? and can you tell me are you getting these offers from Registries or you are investing your own money into this marketing. as registrar transfer fee is $8.03 for .com please put some light.

  29. Hi Girish, the limit is 50 domains per account.

    This is a fundraising effort for EFF and we are definitely losing money for each and every transfer but it is because we feel very strongly for this cause.

    We sincerely hope you can join us.

    See you on the other side! :)

  30. sure that as usual Namecheap is going to lag and flood at that moment ..How can we complete a transfer without lagging or no response ? and coupon for the first year of transfer ..if I want to extend my name more to 2 or 3 years what about the cost ? Tks Tarma

  31. Okay, I’m going to move several. I was going to do that anyway, glad that the timing makes it worth the hassle :)

  32. Hi Vijay, we do not accept transfers within 7 days of expiration as we do not want it to expire while it’s in transfer mode since this will cause problems for you. If you can renew it first and then transfer to us, that is your best bet!

  33. Girish, nope! We urge other registries to take action as well, but this is a Namecheap only promotion.

  34. Picas, this is a one year transfer. If you’d like to renew, you can do so once it’s transferred (renew for multiple years at a time for a baked-in savings).

    The transfer should be pretty quick, but it can take up to 7-10 days.

  35. This works out great. My website is up for a $34.95 renewal on 2-18. Will be adding it to my two existing domains, but I’ve never transferred before. Does the DNS info transfer seamlessly, or should I inform my users of an expected interruption?

  36. You got it. Let us know if we can help you at all during the process. We’ll be online all day. :)

  37. Great news! Looking forward to this. Will move over some of my domains to NC. Please run more promos like this often Namecheap, it’s really good for customers everywhere :)

  38. @James – There is a limit of 50 per business/household (bottom line of the post).

    @Andrei – no, this is a transfer promotion only.

    @Victor – if it expires in 2013, we will add a year and it will expire in 2014. :)

    @Charley – no, we will not since emails take about 18 hours to reach everyone and it may not get to you on time. But it is prominently featured on our website and on our social profiles. Please put a reminder in your calendar, your cell phone, a post it note, anywhere!, so that you don’t forget :)

  39. Speed up the transfer process – don’t wait for that email.

    1. Do the stuff you need to at the registrar you are moving away from. (Unlock domains, etc.) Log out.

    2. Log in here at Namecheap and start the transfer process… provide the information required and pay your money.

    3. Log back in to the registrar you are transferring away from. If you are lucky, you will see a messaging informing your that a request has been received to transfer the domain (s) away. If not, wait a while and try again… if they offer this feature it will probably be much faster than using the email loop.

    4. Find the “Yes, Go Ahead Button” and agree to the transfer.

    When I moved a couple of domain names from GoDaddy to Namecheap, the transfer happened within MINUTES. Hours later, I received the email notifications.

    Lesson: there maybe be a way to jump-start the transfer process by making some sort of ‘go ahead please’ gesture at your old registrar.

  40. my domain in GD still long to expired, Sept 2013, If I transfer to namecheap, what will the expired date then, Sept 2014 or jan 2014

  41. I am planning to move 50 domains from GD. So far, I am a happy customer in Namecheap but mainly for domains. The thing is many of the domain I would like to transfer are old domains which I acquired at GD auction. Will they retain their old age still in the whois after transfer? f.e if the domain is registered in 1998, will this year still be shown at the new whois? pls advice ASAP. Thanks

  42. @joko we add a full year, so it will expire on September 2014.

    @David – 50 domains is the max! Hope to see you :)

  43. Hi runxctry – this is a transfer promotion only. You must be moving to Namecheap from another registrar and have not had your domains previously managed by Namecheap.

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  45. I guess we done crashed the server now! And I haven’t transferred even 1 of my targeted 50 domains!!! Technical Maintenance

    “We would like to inform you that is performing a technical maintenance at the moment. Please accept our apologies for the inconveniences this might cause.
    Please contact our support team should you require any assistance. Your patience is highly appreciated. ”

    That is what I am getting

  46. Yep, something wrong at the moment.

    Transfered before 4 domains, all fine, now with one .org domain, the system shows the normal price, instead of 3.99

  47. Hi has the promo started already? I’ve tried to transfer some domains now but it’s $8.49 each at checkout – not the promo price. Is there a special promo code ?


  48. Hi all, please make sure to apply the coupon. For issues with your transfers, please contact support. Thank you!

  49. Hi Tamar,
    I am transferring 15 domains from GD to NC.
    I am having 9 domains with EPP code issue from my private registration vendor.
    Can I still proceed to transfer / checkout?


  50. Hi Colin, my best recommendation is to contact support so they can look into this for you. Thank you! :)

  51. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for that. The code “OPENINTERNET” worked with the discount.

    Hope JACE got the code as well.
    And Thanks Tamar!

  52. I am late for this discount. Is there any way to reopen it?

    I am now having problem willing to transfer my domain from godaddy to namecheap and register some new but the current deals on godaddy with the coupons are better.

    So the question is simple:
    Can you beat new domain com registration with coupon on godaddy for 0.98$+Icann

    Also do you have option for registering one multiple domains SSL certificate for more domains and one ip?

  53. Hi Peter, afraid not – but you can use coupon code SWITCH2NC at this time.

    Also, the $0.98 pricing on our competition’s site is a promotion. We have no similar ongoing promotions at this time.

    We have many different SSL options! Contact support and they’ll tell you the best one to get that fits your needs.

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