Fight for your right to a Free Internet! Move Your Domain Day is February 5


Here at Namecheap, we’re passionate about digital freedom. SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act , nearly passed in 2011. SOPA would’ve changed the way the Internet works; it would’ve denied citizens the lawful use of innovative technology and made government censorship a day-to-day reality. We’re very proud to have been part of the effort to stop that faulty piece of legislation.

But the fight is not over. Since SOPA failed, our lawmakers have put forward other bills aimed at limiting the rights of average web users and subjecting us to unwarranted censorship. If you believe in free expression, if you believe–as we do–that the Internet belongs to everyone, then please join us on January 28, for Namecheap’s third annual MoveYourDomain Day. Some other domain registrars support SOPA and similar bills. If you feel the need to transfer away from any such registrar, MYDD 2014 is the day to do it. On February 5, you can transfer your .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info domain to Namecheap for only $3.98 using the coupon NCMYDD or HOSTWITHNC to get 75% off hosting. Yes, you read that right: 75% off hosting.

For every qualified domain transferred or hosting package sold–up to 10,000–on February 5, Namecheap will donate $0.50 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. For every 10,001 – 19,999 such transactions, we’ll donate $1. If that number exceeds 20,000, Namecheap will donate $1.50 to EFF per transaction. EFF is a donor-supported organization that works to protect fundamental rights regardless of technology and to educate the public about digital rights. For more info, visit

Here’s to a free Internet, and thanks for being part of MoveYourDomain Day 2014.

7 thoughts on “Fight for your right to a Free Internet! Move Your Domain Day is February 5”

  1. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the email until 12:08 EST on February 5th! A lot of good that does. Please fix your email delivery system so everyone can take advantage of this.

  2. @Tom – actually, it does fine ;) 12:08 EST February 5th was only 8 minutes into the promotion.

    As you may have been able to see, the email was sent out at 2:51pm EST Monday. It does take time to go out to everyone, but all emails were sent in full by our system (though it takes time) before the promotion started. We checked. If there were further delays, it may have been on the receiver’s end.

    @Weipeng – that’s because the promotion ended already.

  3. Sorry…that was a typo…12:08 EST February 6th. Seriously, that was annoying and frustrating. There was no backlog at my end. I recently registered 3 domains and was planning to transfer another 25 from GD. This leaves me wondering if I want to do that.

  4. Really sorry about that, Tom. I will make sure we send this earlier next time. Appreciate the feedback.

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