MoveYourDomainDay 2015 is January 27


Here at Namecheap, we’re deeply committed to the concept of a free and open internet. In support of internet freedom for all, we launched MoveYourDomainDay in late 2011 and have kept the tradition alive every year since then.

We’re proud to announce that MoveYourDomainDay will happen again on January 27, 2015. On that day, you can transfer your .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info for only $3.98 (plus applicable ICANN fees) with coupon code NC15MYDD, and you get an additional year on your domain name when you transfer. Shared hosting plans (Value, Professional, Ultimate) will all be 50% off with coupon code MYDDHOST15.

For every domain transferred or hosting plan purchased, up to 10,000, Namecheap will donate $0.50 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The donation amount goes up to $1.00 per domain/hosting plan if we exceed 10,000. And if we exceed 20,000 domains transferred/hosting plans purchased, Namecheap will donate $1.50 for each transaction.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading non-profit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. Founded in 1990, they fight for online privacy rights, internet freedom, and anti-censorship. Visit them at

Thanks for being part of MYDD 2015!

36 thoughts on “MoveYourDomainDay 2015 is January 27”

  1. “you get an extra year on your domain name when you transfer”.
    So if i transfer 1 year, can get bonuses like 2 year ++ ?
    please explain.

    1. As part of the transfer process, one year is added to the domain. And you get to keep any remaining time you already have on the domain. So if you have 2 years remaining, you’ll have the domain for 3 years after transferring. Happy MYDD. :)

  2. Great news!
    I’m grabbing this opportunity in a heartbeat.
    Just three questions.
    Is there any limit per client?
    And, when you say “extra year”, do you mean it will sum up to two years?
    The transfer will add to the current expiration date?

    1. The transfer coupon is limited to 50 domains and one usage per household/business. You keep any remaining time you have on the domain when you transfer, and the transfer process adds one more year. So if you have 1.5 years on the domain before you transfer, you’ll have 2.5 years afterward. Cheers. :)

      1. “The transfer coupon is limited to 50 domains and one usage per household/business. ”

        So that means someone can transfer 50 domains for the discount price?

      2. Thanks for your reply!
        Been a namecheap customer for little over a month and I can guarantee you I’m trully genuinely amazed.
        I was planning on moving 28 domains as they approach the other registrar’s expiration dates but this changed everything.
        By the way, good to know about the upcoming domain management area’s design overhaul.
        Count me in for “beta testing” ;-)

  3. Namecheap > GoDaddy in soooo many ways.

    Transferring all my domains over to you guys including my .CAs.

    Thanks for offering this great sale and doing what you can to fight against SOPA. Cheers!

  4. i’ll be there, will trans some domain to namecheap. namecheap rocks!
    fight agains SOPA and keep internet freedom all of us!

  5. What about previously transfered out domains from namecheap to another registrar, can they be transferred in once again using this promo? Thank you

    1. Sorry, no – domains previously transferred out from Namecheap to another registrar are not eligible for this promo.

      1. That’s great! :D I have 15 planned for transfer from GoDaddy to NameCheap, so that’s a good threshold for the coupon. I will be able to add more to cart if my budget allows. THANK YOU!

  6. My name just auto renewed on godaddy last week. I hate godaddy, but I forgot!!! How much will it cost to sever my connection with them and move to namecheap? I’m new to domain stuff so be explicit! :)

    1. When you transfer to Namecheap, you’ll keep whatever time you already had on the domain + the transfer process adds a year. The cost for that is $3.98 per domain. Here’s some additional info you may need (I’m copy/pasting from our site): “If you have renewed your domain within the last 45 days: The one-year extension normally added to the domain during a transfer may not be included. This situation occurs only if the domain actually expired before you renewed it with your previous registrar. If this is the case with your domain, we recommend you wait to move your domain until the 45-day period has passed, allowing you to take advantage of the extra year added.”

  7. Hi, I’m planning on transferring all my domains from GoDaddy and thinking about signing up for hosting. Can we use both coupon codes in the same cart or do we have to do two checkouts? Also, is there a link to a “quick DNS transfer guide” so that I get all my domains moved and running without any downtime? Quite a few of them have custom records, and nearly all have Google Apps records for mail and calendars.
    If you would extend that offer to a year of Business SSD, SSL, and dedicated IP; I would sign up for that in a heartbeat.

    1. Yes, sorry, you’ll need to do 2 checkouts to use both coupon codes. Here’s some info on minimizing/eliminating transfer downtime:

      We have a great little concierge service that can guide you through the process or do it for you free of charge. Just go to and submit a ticket to the Domains-Transfers department. Happy MYDD, and thanks!

  8. Good promo but please, don’t change the data on the WHOIS !!
    It happened to me before when transferring to Namecheap (without using whois guard) and it’s very annoying to see Namecheap as the owner of the domain!

    1. Having Namecheap contact info in the WHOIS is turned on by default, but it’s easy to turn off. Go to Manage Profile -> Checkout Settings -> WhoisGuard Auto Enable Settings –> UNcheck the option.

  9. I transferred 17 domains yesterday! :D W00T!

    And I contacted the .NU registry with the hope they will allow transfers one day. I really want to get those domains out of GD (they became impossibly expensive :( ).

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