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Namecheap Announces Move Your Domain Day on December 29th

On December 29th, Namecheap will be standing tall against SOPA in a transfer initiative we call Move Your Domain Day. For every transfer to Namecheap during these 24 hours, Namecheap will be donating $1 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Shari Steele, Executive Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, stated, “EFF is pleased to support Namecheap’s efforts to bring attention to the proposed SOPA legislation and its consequences for Internet users worldwide. With the funds donated from the MoveYourDomainDay effort, EFF will continue to defend your right to free expression in the digital world.”

The SOPA bill as proposed is dangerous for freedoms and liberties on the Internet. As such, we firmly stand for protecting our customers. We also encourage our US-based customers to help pass on the message to stop SOPA when Congress is back in session in January.

On Move Your Domain Day, Namecheap will process transfers of any .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, and .BIZ domain from any registrar for the below-cost price of $6.99 using coupon code SOPAsucks (limit 100 uses per account). For each transfer made on this day, Namecheap will be donating $1 to EFF.

“We’re proud to have the Electronic Frontier Foundation supporting this important initiative, and are confident that our customers can help us raise a significant sum to help continue the fight against SOPA, PROTECT-IP, and other overbroad and ill-considered legislation,” Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall said.

More information can be found on our official Move Your Domain Day page.

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