Many Thanks to All Those Who Participated in the Namecheap Twitter Trivia Contest

December was a fun month for us, with over 4000 people playing our NameCheap Twitter Trivia Contest.   People played from all over the world and the contest was mentioned in Mashable and Yahoo News.  We’d like to congratulate Kevin Haggerty, Jeremiah Zabal, and M Blom for answering the most questions correctly.  These players any many others mastered answering questions often in less than three seconds as you can see in this video.

The contest was quite interesting for us as we got to know a lot of great people using on Twitter.  We saw contestants connecting with each other and even got a marriage proposal.  Interesting.  We hope to launch more fun interactive ideas for our customers.

Happy New Year from everyone at NameCheap!

8 thoughts on “Many Thanks to All Those Who Participated in the Namecheap Twitter Trivia Contest”

  1. *LOL*
    that marriage proposal is something to remember for sure..
    that contest is the best contest I ever had this year, thank you NameCheap ;)

    and miahz is sure trying hard back then, thanks for the video tutorial ;)

  2. This contest was a lot of fun! It was addictive, and I was constantly watching the clock to make sure I didn’t miss the question each hour! As a result, I won three domain names! I hope you will win the Shorty Award!

    Thanks, NameCheap, for this fun trivia contest!

  3. Big thanks to NameCheap for running this contest! Can’t say that I liked the sleep deprivation that was necessary to stay at top of the top 10, but I liked the final outcome for sure! Very innovative way to get your name out there even more – well done! I know I’ll be recommending you to everyone in the future.

  4. This was awesome. I didnt hear about it till about the 15th dec, but I won 2 domains and Im happy with that. Do it again sometime! xD

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