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Manage your EasyWP Website with SFTP

Have you ever installed a theme or plugin, only to discover that it breaks your website and all you get is a blank page? Or rushed that file edit and finally caused a 500 internal server error?
Here at EasyWP, we are always at work to deliver you the best-managed WordPress experience. That’s why we recently introduced the SFTP access feature.
With it you can access your site storage via SFTP, allowing you to troubleshoot any errors that you might have experienced.
You can also use SFTP to easily migrate your website from other servers or to upload it to EasyWP from your development environment.

How to access SFTP in EasyWP 

The feature is already available and you can start using it right now! Just log into your EasyWP dashboard and you will see a new tab called “Files & Database”.

The first step to use SFTP is to select how long you want the SFTP access to remain active:

Here at Namecheap we strongly believe in security: that’s why you can select an expiration for SFTP. By setting an automatic expiration, you will make sure that the account remains active only for the time necessary to work on your website.
Need to send your password to that freelancer that will make a small change on your website? Set an expiration for it, and he will get access to your website just for the time he needs to complete his job. If you want, you can also revoke the access before its expiration.
If you need to use the service for a longer time, you can just leave SFTP accessible forever.  For security reasons, however, we encourage you to change your password regularly.
After you have selected how long you want the service to remain active, you will be shown your credentials and the hostname to use:

From this point, you can connect via SFTP using your client of choice, such as Filezilla or any other client that supports SFTP protocol.

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