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Move Your Domain Day: Make Our CEO Pay!

On Move Your Domain Day,  December 29th, 2011, Namecheap customers initiated over 27,000 domain transfers from SOPA-Supporting domain registrars.

True to our CEO’s Challenge to reach 25,000 transfers for the day, Namecheap DOUBLED the donation to EFF to $2 per domain transferred, and extended the donation window until 12:00 Noon EST today, December 30th, 2011.

As of this morning (10:00 AM EST), the total raised to help the Electronic Frontier Foundation continue their fight against SOPA stands at an amazing $62,058!

Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall said:

“It’s a wonderful morning; our amazing customers raised over $62,000 for EFF in the past 24 hours. Because of this incredible display, I’ve personally decided to fund our double donation for each transfer until 12:00 noon today out of my own pocket.  I challenge everyone who was thinking of leaving their SOPA-Supporting provider to take this opportunity to transfer at a below-cost price AND donate $2 to the EFF for each transfer.”

So, the challenge is out to our customers…continue transferring your domains today with coupon SOPASucks, and Make Our CEO Pay!
You can follow the updated donation total on our Move Your Domain Day Page.

The SOPASucks coupon code for $6.99 .COM/.NET/.ORG/.BIZ/.INFO transfers will remain valid until December 31, 2011 at 11:59 EST.

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