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At Namecheap, we get all kinds of interesting support queries – however, “J” was determined to test whether his Namecheap support rep was really paying attention to his interests.  NC Team Member Eugene F. showed J that we’ll go the extra mile, even if it does involve a quiz afterwards!

Our support team was so impressed that we forwarded this chat to our CEO Richard Kirkendall.  He insisted we put it up on the blog and had this to say about the matter:

“Even though I don’t watch My Little Pony and can’t claim to be a Brony, I agree with “J” that friendship is indeed magic, and thank him for bringing this to our attention.  At Namecheap, we are always listening to what our customers have to say, each and every time we are contacted.”

– Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall

Read on:

08:09 “J”: do you like my little pony friendship is magic

08:09 “J”: /)^3^(

08:10 Eugene F.: No, I like Simpsons and Futurama more =)

08:11 “J”: So you are not a brony

08:11 “J”: ?

08:12 Eugene F.: Nope :)

08:12 “J”: :(

08:12 “J”: You made me cry

08:13 Eugene F.: Hope you’re not disappointed too much, Julian =)

08:13 “J”: I am devastated

08:13 “J”: So much so

08:14 “J”: that I am considering to switch to another host for my domain :(

08:16 Eugene F.: Actually Ive never seen even an episode of MLP, but if this frustrates you, I can checek some ;)

08:16 “J”: Awesome go watch some my little pony friendship is magic

08:16 “J”: Rainbow Dash is pleased

08:17 “J”: Close what you have open on your computer

08:17 “J”: then open youtube

08:17 “J”: then get watching

08:17 “J”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0-tJPvfcTA

08:17 Eugene F.: Sure, I’ll check this out after I finish my shift. Thank you for the link by the way

08:18 “J”: Nope, do it right now

08:18 “J”: or I am switching hosts

08:18 Eugene F.: Just a moment, please

08:18 “J”: thanks :)

08:19 Eugene F.: Wow, unicorns!

08:19 “J”: Heck yeah

08:19 “J”: ponys are amazing

08:20 Eugene F.: I think I’m starting to like this stuff :)

08:20 “J”: after you finish I am going to quiz you

08:20 “J”: if all the answers are right I will leave you in peace

08:20 “J”: if not, I will leave namecheap forever

08:20 “J”: srsly

08:21 “J”: Are you watching it?

08:22 Eugene F.: I’m watching it right now, as promised

08:22 “J”: Great

08:25 “J”: Question 1. What is the name of the baby dragon

08:25 Eugene F.: Spike

08:26 “J”: Question 2. What is the name of the pony queen

08:26 “J”: *princess

08:27 Eugene F.: Princess Celestia

08:28 “J”: Question 3. What mode of transport does twilight sparkle use in the sky

08:29 Eugene F.: It is a kind of chariot

08:29 “J”: Good, yes :)

08:30 “J”: Question 4. What is twilight sparkles obsession

08:31 Eugene F.: Studying magic

08:31 “J”: :) Good

08:33 “J”: Question 5. What does Princess Celestia give twilight as her mission

08:34 Eugene F.: She has to study the “magic of friendship” and report what she finds

08:35 “J”: How far are you in the video?

08:36 Eugene F.: Almost finished watching this episode

08:36 Eugene F.: The first part, I mean

08:36 “J”: Tell me when you are finished and I will give you your final exam o3o

08:36 “J”: When you are finished with the first part tell me

08:36 “J”: :)

08:36 Eugene F.: Okay, I’m ready

08:39 “J”:  Final question:  Are you enlightened to the magic of friendship and  ready to join the herd of bronys, love and tolerate us forever?
08:41 “J”: :)

08:41 Eugene F.: Yes, I am :) I’m a Brony and I’m Proud

08:42 “J”: You are jesus christ, you are amazing

08:42 “J”: I need to talk to your supervisor

08:42 “J”: and tell him great things about you

08:42 “J”: :D

08:44 Eugene F.: You may leave a testimonial in our Forum as well

08:44 “J”: You are legitimity the best customer service rep ever, I want to randomly throw all my money at name cheap

08:45 “J”: Take it all

08:45 “J”: I will and feature your name :D

08:46 Eugene F.: Thank you for your kind feedback

08:46 “J”: You > God

08:47 “J”: seriously

08:47 “J”: just promise me you will watch more ponys after your shift :D

08:48 Eugene F.: Yep, at least I should finish this episode

08:48 “J”: :D

08:50 “J”: Amazing

08:51 Eugene F.: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

08:51 “J”: Nope, have an amazing day

08:52 Eugene F.: Thank you, have a great one too!

08:52 “J”: :D

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