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One of the most important security tools on the web is SSL. You can tell if a site has SSL encryption if you see HTTPS in the URL rather than the generic HTTP. This encryption helps protect us when we shop, search, and bank on the internet. SSL encrypts the information transferred between the user and the website that uses it. Have you heard of 256-bit encryption, or maybe 4096-bit encryption”The higher the bits, the harder it is for the data to be decoded/read by unauthorized parties that may be trying to snoop on that information.”

Encryption is the new standard

These days every site should have an SSL certificate. It is a basic security feature that is simple to implement. Now when people buy a domain and hosting, more often than not they buy an SSL certificate. Tools for sniffing web traffic are free and easy to get. Combine those tools with the prevalence of free wifi in airports, hotels, coffee shops, parks and you have users that may be exposing their usernames and passwords that could be used to hack you. It’s not just hackers that are trying to get to this data, but government entities too. You should do your part to keep these unfriendly parties from snooping on your users.

Drive traffic with HTTPS

HTTP is quickly falling out of favor with most established sites. It means more than security. It means trust. People use this as a cue to signal quality. Just like having an AOL email address is out of style… that is what it’s like not having HTTPS. This secure connection dramatically improves page load times, and that helps with overall user satisfaction. Google agrees with us. They have added encryption and speed as a signal as to how high to rank your page for search results.

Start here with this SSL certificate

Namecheap has partnered with the #1 SSL Certificate Authority in the world, Comodo Internet Security. Comodo PositiveSSL is one of the most popular and inexpensive SSL certificates in the industry. Traditionally there were two barriers to implementing encryption:

  • cost,
  • server-side performance.

We have addressed both of these concerns. First, all of our host servers use SSD drive, for fast site loading. Second, at $9 a year for PositiveSSL, security is more affordable than ever. If you need more enhanced encryption, we have those certificates as well.

It is easy to install

After you purchase PositiveSSL you can get it up and running in minutes. Easy to add to your site with no paperwork to fill out. We have a simple setup process, and if you have any questions or run into any issues our support staff will be right there to help.

There’s no reason not to add SSL to your site today. What are you waiting for?

Learn more about how SSLs work

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