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Why You Want Jetpack CRM for Your WordPress Website

As a new small business owner or solopreneur with a WordPress website, there’s definitely a learning curve. One thing is for certain: building a strong relationship with your customers is paramount. 

But how do I even start to cultivate these kinds of relationships? 

Thanks to Jetpack CRM, the new customer relationship management tool that’s built for WordPress websites, you can start growing your relationships with your customers in no time at all. 

The result of Automattic’s 2019 acquisition of Zero BS CRM, a WordPress plugin, Jetpack CRM adds a powerful (and much-needed) contact management functionality to WordPress websites. 

So whether you sell a product (e.g. retail) or a service (e.g. coaching), Jetpack CRM helps you keep track of key customer data, right from inside your WordPress admin area. 

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What Exactly Is a CRM? 

By definition, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool helps build that bridge and make it stronger by developing, retaining, and acquiring customers. A CRM doesn’t just equal more sales, it, in effect, helps you learn more about each individual customer, understand what they need, and connect with them on a more personal level. 

So whenever you interact with a customer or a potential lead, think of this as your little bridge to building a future relationship with them. 

When there’s talk of a CRM, they’re often referring to a CRM system (CRMS) — a software tool that’s aimed at helping companies with their sales, marketing, and service management. These systems are full of tracking features that record a variety of customer interactions online while also automating processes. Their overall intent? To ensure long-lasting business success through solid customer relationships. 

Here’s where the Jetpack CRM plugin comes in. By helping keep track of every customer interaction, e.g. meeting notes, phone calls, and emails, you as the business owner can build on this contact data to enhance every future customer touchpoint with thoughtful and engaging communication.

The Features of Jetpack CRM

Now that you know a bit about what CRM actually is, let’s dive a little deeper into the nifty features that Jetpack CRM has to offer: 

  1. You can add and manage your leads, customers, or other contacts through Contact Management
  2. You can seamlessly bill clients and get paid online with Invoice Builder. 
  3. You can write and deliver awesome online proposals to clients with Quote Builder
  4. You can keep track of your customer payments and refunds with Transaction Manager
  5. You can let your customers view proposals, invoices, and files on your website through the Client Portal.
  6. You can funnel leads into your CRM from specific posts, pages, or widgets through Front-end Forms. 
  7. You can group contacts based on certain data through dynamic Segments
  8. You can stay relevant and mobile-ready with Rebrandr
  9. You can be web-developer friendly through the use of API, Zapier, etc. 

Keep in mind that more advanced features like daily backups and spam protection are available at an additional cost. 

The Benefits of Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM not only offers advanced features, it’s also incredibly easy to install and use on your WordPress website. Here are a few ways how it helps you build relationships and increase revenue, all from one dashboard: 

  1. Automatically collect customer leads with ease through contact forms or payment plugins like Stripe or WooCommerce
  1. Touch base with your contacts, based on their location and past transaction history. 
  1. Send quotes/invoices to your clients for payment and track it all. 
  1. Rest easy knowing that your data stays safe on one server with no more third-party involvement.
  1. Enjoy over 30+ CRM extensions, including the WooCommerce plugin, or send out mail campaigns. 
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The Price

Because Jetpack CRM was developed for both budding and established business owners, it’s incredibly affordable and boasts flexible pricing. In fact, there are four Jetpack CRM price plans tailored to suit all kinds of businesses and yes, budgets. 

They are as follows:

  1. Freelancer – $11.00/month, billed yearly. 
  2. Entrepreneur – $17.00/month, billed yearly. 
  3. Elite – $30.00/month, billed yearly. 
  4. Reseller – $5.40 per site, per month, billed yearly. 

For more information about the specific features offered with each plan, visit their official pricing list

The Bottom Line 

Without hyping it up too much, Jetpack CRM really is the ultimate customer relationship tool for WordPress. By using it right, you can increase your business’ growth and save administrative time, all while connecting more efficiently with your leads and customers.

Because Jetpack CRM sits on your server, you have all the power to manage and control your own data. This is a big win under GDPR, given you’re legally required to know where your customer data is located and kept. The plugin itself is also fully extendable, which is perfect for WordPress developers who want to extend its codebase. 

Don’t have a WordPress website yet? Sign up today with EasyWP Managed WordPress and get the ball rolling, no technical know-how required, from a little as $1.00 for the first month. 

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