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Introducing: Powered by Namecheap

We are launching our brand new “Powered by Namecheap” sponsorship program, aiming to help create opportunities for dreamers, creators, innovators, and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to finally kick-start their big idea. Why? Because we love it when people do great things online. 

Whether it’s an online business, a blog, an e-shop, a game, an app – even a drone pizza delivery service, Namecheap would like to hear about it! It’s quick and easy to apply for Powered by Namecheap, and there isn’t just one winner — we’ll award sponsorship to all of our favorite projects. 

To apply, simply tell us about your project idea, and how our services will help you bring it to life, and you could win:

  • ANY non-premium domain you like
  • The hosting that best suits your needs
  • A PositiveSSL Certificate to secure your website
  • Expert advice and tips from Namecheap’s marketing and customer service teams  

All ideas will be considered, but only the best ideas will receive sponsorship for one year, as well as an exclusive ‘Powered by Namecheap’ badge for your website.

Go to the page for full conditions, and to submit your application.

Why We’ve Created Powered by Namecheap

Powered by Namecheap is the latest addition to a family of initiatives set up by Namecheap, because we’re really passionate about helping those who are trying to do great things. We want to do our bit to aid innovation, especially for those who may be limited by finances. 

While you’re here, we thought it would be useful to share some of our other initiatives.

NC.me for students

Namecheap initiatives to help people starting out. At nc.me, all students and educators with a .EDU email address can get a free .ME domain, and other amazing tools. Check out everything you can get and start creating your .ME site today.  Almost 250,000 students have claimed their free .ME domains since we started this in 2014. 

#CreateFromHome With Us

In response to current events, we are getting behind the #CreateFromHome movement by providing free, and cut-price products and tools to create your online presence. This is open to EVERYONE, and is live until May 31, 2020.

So, while you’re limited in what you can do outside, make something great inside. Go on, start now!

Namecheap NEXT AI & Medhacks Award Winners

Over the last  two years we’ve partnered with MedHacks, a hackathon that brings medical innovators and ‘hackers’ together to create new technology in the health sector.

It’s billed as ‘the world’s premier medical hackathon’, and the ideas and projects are amazing. Read about the first two winners of our Namecheap Innovation Award at Medhacks.

Also, in the coming weeks, look out for more information about our NEXT AI Award Winner, Emaww. Their amazing artificial technology can detect the emotions people are experiencing while interacting with content — all by the way they touch their mobile device.

‘Web All Star’ competition

Last year, we launched our first ever ‘Web all star’ competition challenging customers to inspire us with a project they took part in for a chance to win $500 of Namecheap credit. 

Our brilliant winner was Tom Dickinson from documentaries.io — read his story here

Could You be Our Next Partner?

Namecheap would love to support more cause-focused events like MedHacks in the future. Reach out to us if you are involved with a project or event that is trying to change the world for the better! 

Don’t forget, we always love to hear stories about the amazing things you do with our products. Submit them for a chance to be featured. But most of all, we look forward to receiving your Powered by Namecheap applications.

Can’t apply? Not to Worry!

We know not everyone can apply for Powered by Namecheap, but we have our amazing #CreateFromHome sale on, now extended until the end of May! Anyone can save big across our product range.

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James Long

Jamie is a writer and composer based in London, England. He has been Creative Lab Copywriter for Namecheap since July 2017. Before that, he was a professional copywriter for Freeview, Eventim, and Emotech. When he’s not coming up with snappy taglines and irresistible call-to-actions, Jamie writes comedy and musical theatre. More articles written by James.

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