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Introducing NEW Premium .CLUB Domains

Put on your best clothes and get in line behind the velvet rope. The .CLUB is about to open its doors and you’re on the guest list!

Premium .club domains have landed, ready to be snapped up by chess clubs, golf clubs and health clubs across the globe. If you’re in the market for a useful and instantly recognizable domain, you’ll want to grab your .CLUB before someone beats you to it.

Why Buy Premium Domains?

A premium domain name gives your business the best chance to build a brand. They include words that are associated with different industries, and attract buyers from across the globe. 

Mostly, these high-value domains are short in length, which makes them easier to remember. This gives premium domains an advantage when it comes to marketing. After all, a customer is more likely to remember (and spell!) a concise domain name, compared to a long, rambling one. 

Although premium domain names can come at a higher price, as Andrew Allerman says, they can “can be a good long-term investment for your company.” Securing a great domain name can boost credibility, and help you gain the trust of potential customers. 

Chicken with books to promote .club domain

Why You Need a .CLUB

  • Appeal To Locals

Use your domain to bring like-minded people together. Whether you want to upload football fixtures or post information on auditions for your drama society, a .club is the best domain for sharing your passion. 

  • Inspire The World

A .club domain isn’t just for local activities, it’s for anyone who might be interested in what you have to say. Use your domain to ask amateur scientists to share local weather patterns or start up an online gaming site to play with people from around the globe.

  • Reward Loyalty

If you sell products or own a store, use a .club to manage reward programs and inform customers of special discounts. Increase customer satisfaction and keep them coming back to you.

  • Build Your Domain Portfolio

Whether you want to use your .club to build an online audience or sell your domain at a later date, register it with us today and you can manage it in your Namecheap account. Easy!

Join The .CLUB

Make sure you don’t miss out on this exciting and globally recognizable domain. Find your next domain today!

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