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Working From Home

Inspired by Everyone’s #CreateFromHome Efforts

At a time of international lockdown and unprecedented measures, we continue to be moved by the spirit, innovation, and entrepreneurship of our customers and team members — Namecheap’s people both internal and external. 

It Always Comes Back to People

People have always been at the heart of everything we do, and since these extraordinary measures were put in place, we’ve been finding ways to put you at the center of our operations. 

The #CreateFromHome initiative was put together to help our customers fill the time spent in lockdown in a way that will help them now, and be an asset when things return to normal. It’s now our longest-running promo ever, featuring discounted and free products, as well as helpful resources that could be useful personally and for businesses.

Our aim was to ensure the offers were flexible, so they would be useful to businesses and individuals whatever their situation. We did this by carefully discounting the kinds of products and services businesses always need, as well as ones to inspire creativity. So, whether you felt you needed to hunker down and ride the storm, (by cutting costs to their bare minimum), or wanted to diversify into another area, we tried to give you something useful.

Over 50,000 customers (and counting) have benefitted from the #CreateFromHome initiatives so far, and we even extended it until May 31 to give more people the chance to save. If you haven’t already looked into #CreateFromHome, see if it can help your business today. 

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Help with Namecheap Payments

Many of you will have seen the email from our CEO a few weeks ago, offering help to those having difficulties keeping up with their Namecheap. Since then, we’ve provided further discounts, on in addition to the offers included in #CreateFromHome, to assist over 1,800 customers experiencing payment difficulties during this tough time.

If you are experiencing similar difficulties paying for products related to your Namecheap account as a result of the current climate, open a support ticket. We will continue to do what we can to help on a case-by-case basis. 

Powered by Namecheap

To support those who continue to aspire to innovate at this time, we launched Powered by Namecheap launched last month. Anyone who has a new, innovative website idea can apply for the chance to get a domain, a year of hosting, and an SSL certificate — all totally free for a whole year. So far, we’ve had over 400 applications which we are in the process of shortlisting.  

We are offering sponsorship throughout 2020 to multiple companies, so if you haven’t applied already, it’s quick and easy to find out more, and fill out the application form.  

fraud alert

Tackling Fraud Head-on

We know it can be a difficult time when it comes to misinformation, and understanding very complex and new situations. The Internet is arguably the biggest source of information in our lives, and as a company, we realized we had a responsibility to do our bit to stop fraud and false claims relating to COVID-19.

We have been working with authorities to proactively prevent and take down any fraudulent or abusive domains and websites related to COVID19. This includes banning certain terms such as “coronavirus”, “covid”, and “vaccine” from our domain search tool so they cannot be purchased and used for abuse.

Of course, anyone with a legitimate use for a domain containing one of these terms can simply contact our support team. They will be able to review and register it for you manually upon your request.

A Big Shout Out to Our People

Finally, we wanted to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to our teams across the world. Our people have dealt with the obstacles 2020 has thrown at them with enthusiasm and bravery. 

They have constantly been thinking of others, and working together to make things easier both internally, and for you, our customers — if you haven’t seen the fun backgrounds our amazing design team created for video calls, check them out! Your next Internet call can be adorned by Namecheap’s friendly bunch of characters. 

Our leadership team realized the importance of isolating early on, so Namecheap were slightly ahead of the curve when it came to getting our teams working from home. We moved 100% of our business to home working setups in all of our locations, in just 3 weeks, before it became mandatory to do so. That’s 1,300 people! But throughout all the upheaval and stress, our people took it in their stride, and made the transition incredibly easy.

We are especially grateful to our customer support teams, who were so quick and effective in transitioning to work from home, that there was no loss of service or support to our customers. 

Namecheap characters on Zoom

Helping Each Other Through

It has also been an incredible privilege to witness members of our teams helping each other through these times of their own accord, by offering various therapy classes (including weekly rest, relaxation and resilience workshops), and giving general help and advice. 

We have, in turn, supported our teams with safe spaces to talk and discuss any concerns and difficulties they are facing as a result of the restrictions we are all facing, and our People Team have worked tirelessly to create initiatives that enable people to reach out and stay social, like Coffee Chats, a Covid-19 Info Hub, and a Stress-Free Zone. 

Our teams will continue to be there for you going forward. We have not made any redundancies or furloughed any team members, and so our renowned customer support has been, and will remain, unchanged going forward.

Take Care and Feel Free to Reach Out

We hope things return to normal quickly, and that you and your family remain safe. Feel free to reach out to our customer support team if you need any information regarding your account or products. 

All students and academics with a .edu email address can visit our education program at nc.me to claim a free .ME domain, and much more. These offers, in addition to those in the #CreateFromHome initiative, can help you to build something for even less, so have a look and see what you can do with the deals — but hurry, you only have until May 31.

And be sure to check out our ever-increasing number of articles geared to those who are working from home.

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Jamie is a writer and composer based in London, England. He has been Creative Lab Copywriter for Namecheap since July 2017. Before that, he was a professional copywriter for Freeview, Eventim, and Emotech. When he’s not coming up with snappy taglines and irresistible call-to-actions, Jamie writes comedy and musical theatre. More articles written by James.

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