Implementing Your Free Comodo PositiveSSL

This post is a how-to from 2009. It is not an advertisement. The free offer has long since expired.

An SSL will protect any data your customers input into your website from being intercepted on the web.  If you own an online store, you absolutely must use an SSL.  You can tell when a store is protected by an SSL because it will have “https” in the web address.

Fortunately, NameCheap is able to give free SSLs to every customer with every domain.  Just select the “Add free Positive SSL” during registration.  It’s very easy to implement and you don’t even have to use it with the domain it came with.  Here’s how to set it up:

1.) Log into your NameCheap account and select “Manage Domains”.

2.) Click on “SSL certificates” on the left menu:

free ssl

3.) Click on “Activate Now” link next to one of your certificates.

4.) Activation is a simple process in which you submit the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to us. Then, validate that you own the rights to the domain by clicking a link on the email sent to email like or (or any of the several others to choose from) etc.

You can find some useful information on how to generate CSR and install SSL certificate in our help section at

If you did not activate your free SSL upon checkout, email support and we can add it manually.

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