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How to successfully apply for sponsorships

In 2020, Namecheap launched the “Powered by Namecheap” program, an initiative to empower customers with great online project ideas but limited budgets. The goal is simple yet profound: to provide all the necessary tools to build and run a website, free for a year. 

Since its inception, Powered by Namecheap has received nearly 7,000 applications, with over 100 projects gaining sponsorship. 

As a result of our experience, we’ wanted’d like to offer tips on how to make a sponsorship application shine. And even though we do have our own sponsorships, these tips are just as relevant for Namecheap as they are for similar opportunities elsewhere.

The essence of successful sponsorship requests

When applying to Powered by Namecheap — or any other sponsorship competition — there are certain things you can do that will greatly improve your chances of success. Read on to learn some of the things that companies like ours are looking for in an application.

1. Provide complete and thoughtful responses. Every field in the application form is an opportunity. Provide detailed and meaningful answers that will help reviewers understand who you are and what you hope to achieve. If there is no application, be sure to provide detailed information in your request that will allow the company to assess your needs and background effectively.

2. Clearly articulate your ‘why’. Explain why this particular sponsorship is crucial for you. How will it help you reach your goals? What do you hope to achieve? Providing these details will help sponsors understand your motivation and potential for success.

3. Specificity is key. If you are seeking non-financial sponsorship (such as goods or services), clearly mention what you’re looking for and why. This shows your familiarity with the company and its offerings, and how they align with your needs. In the case of Namecheap, mention specific products (such as .com domain registration, shared hosting, or business email) you require.

4. Provide a concise business or project overview. Always make sure to summarize the essence of your business or project in a few sentences, with specific details unique to your project. Explain what challenges your project addresses or what unique value it brings, and be specific about how sponsorship will allow your project to be successful. These details ensure your project will stand out.

5. Be distinctive. Use your request or application as an opportunity to showcase what makes your project or you as an entrepreneur special. You can discuss your personal background, childhood, education, work experience, or other information that is unique to you and that led you to want to pursue this project in the first place. Remember, this is your moment to shine.

6. Include relevant links. Provide all associated links (website URL, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) that apply to you, your project, or your organization. Consider this critical background information and ‘social proof’ that provides a comprehensive view of your online presence. This information is key to a winning sponsorship request.

7. Brevity is best. Given the volume of applications and requests, all companies value those who can provide adequate details in a clear and concise manner. 

What to avoid in an application 

Just as there are things you can do to improve your chances of success, there are also things you need to watch out for. Here are just a few things we recommend you not do when applying for sponsorship.

1. Avoid generic responses. Each piece of information you provide should be unique, and tailored to explain who you are or why your project is worthy of sponsorship. Try to provide details that would apply to only you and your project, and not similar ones. 

2. Don’t copy and paste the same responses or leave fields blank. When presented with an application form, take some time to fill out the form completely and thoroughly. Companies use the application form to get to know more about you and your project.

3. There’s no need to praise the company. Instead of praising Namecheap or another company, or promising promotion in return for sponsorship, concentrate on presenting your project in a compelling fashion. 

4. Do not submit multiple applications. Duplicate submissions with identical answers will not increase your chances and may lead to disqualification.

5. Avoid sob stories or begging language. You may really need funding for your business, project, or organization, but you don’t ever want to come across as desperate when seeking funding. Keep your language objective and professional at all times.

Are you ready to apply?

We hope these tips will encourage you to apply for many sponsorship opportunities, especially our own. 

Whether you’re applying to Namecheap or any other sponsorship opportunity, these guidelines will guide you toward crafting an application that stands out and shows you in your best light. Remember, every application is a unique story waiting to be told — tell yours with clarity, passion, and purpose.

Good luck! 

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