How to List Your Domains in the Namecheap Marketplace

We’ve all done it. Like a stroke of lightening, an amazing idea for a website comes to you while walking down the street or daydreaming at work. You quickly register the domain and all the extensions so as to protect your valuable real estate.

Soon enough, things come up or you realize your idea isn’t so hot, so you sit on the domain. There’s no reason for you not to profit from your good idea though. If you aren’t using your domain, list it for sale in the NameCheap Marketplace. Listing it is free and only costs you 10% when it sells. Here’s how:

1.) Log into your NameCheap account and select “view” next to “Number of domains in your account”:
namecheap admin interface

2.) If you are selling one domain, click on the domain you would like to sell and select “List Domain for Sale”.
3.) If you are selling more than one domain, check the ones for sale, go to the “Edit Selected” button underneath your domains. Select “List Domains for Sale” on the left-hand side. You will see this:

Happy domaining!

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