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How to Break into Domaining


Investing in domain names is often compared to investing in real estate, but it’s much simpler and costs a lot less.

In fact, there’s a good chance you can already call yourself a domainer, the term used to refer to people who invest in domain names.

How to Break into Domaining

Most of us own a handful of domain names that we don’t plan to use soon and would sell. Perhaps you registered a domain with an idea in mind but never got around to using the domain.

Sound familiar? If you’re holding onto a few domains that you don’t plan to use and would be willing to sell, then you can consider yourself a domainer.

Handy Tips for Selling Domains

Owning unused domain names is one thing. Here’s how you can sell your domain names to make some money.

  1. Put them for sale on a domain name forum.
    Domain forums are a great place to hang out to learn the ropes of domaining. They also usually have sections where you can list domains for sale. In addition to trying to sell your domains on a forum, you should track what other people are selling to figure out what’s popular and how much domains are worth. The most popular domainer forum is NamePros.
  2. List them for sale on marketplaces.
    There are online marketplaces dedicated solely to domain names. Two of the big ones are Afternic and Sedo. Listing domains on these sites are free; you pay a commission when your domain sells.
  3. Park the domains with “for sale” messages.
    A lot of people interested in buying a domain will type it into their browser to see how it’s being used. You can “park” your domain to show ads and a message saying the domain is for sale (with a contact form to reach you). As an added bonus, you get paid whenever someone clicks on the ads on your parked page. Popular domain parking companies include DomainSponsor and ParkingCrew.
  4. Contact potential buyers.
    Instead of waiting for the right buyer to come along, you can find companies that might be interested in buying your domain and reach out to them directly. This takes a lot of work but can pay off handsomely. Don’t spam people! Instead, send customized emails (better yet: pick up the phone) to companies you think are a fit.
  5. Hire a domain broker.
    If you have a domain name worth a lot of money, you might be able to get a domain name broker to do the hard work for you. They will use their network of domain buyers as well as a marketing campaign to find a buyer for your domain. Expect to pay a 10%-20% commission when they sell your domain.

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