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How Namecheap Provides Customer and Sales Support Via Twitter

We are happy to help our customers in any way possible. Twitter allows us to solve quick problems for customers that don’t involve account information. However, many of our customers don’t know that we are on Twitter.

How do we reach out to people who either:

  1. need domains and don’t know where to go or
  2. have a question about us but don’t realize we are on Twitter?

You can use search.twitter.com to research any mentions of your brand, but that’s fairly labor-intensive and requires one window for each search. I use a Twitter client called TweetDeck which allows me to send out Twitter messages, organize followers, as well as pull searches on certain words. Currently, I have a search on the word “NameCheap” as well as the term “domain name”. By having these searches up, I can reach out to people who don’t know they can just ask us questions by pinging @namecheap on Twitter.

Be aware that TweetDeck tends to use a lot of memory, so if your computer is somewhat slow, be aware that TweetDeck will bog it down more. You might want to try a Yahoo product called Sideline to perform your searches.
If you have more than one Twitter account, you won’t be able to use TweetDeck for both. I actually use something called Twhirl to post NameCheap tweets, because I integrated TweetDeck with my personal account.

Want to provide better support for your clients? Consider TweetDeck or Sideline and you’ll be taking a good step towards a better relationship with them.

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