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How can I get a server for my small business?

There are a lot of factors to take into account when buying a server for your small business, and it can represent a significant change in your operations. There are also many decisions to be made in the process, as hosting is an integral part of any twenty-first-century organization. To find out more about getting hold of a small business server, continue reading. 

How to choose a small business server

First of all, let’s go back to what servers are and what they do for us. Servers are the software and hardware that provide various services, such as file storage, web hosting, or email hosting. Web hosting includes everything that makes it possible to view a website online.   

For any hosting service, servers are always needed, but exactly how this is structured depends on the specific type of hosting. Each hosting service can offer users a combination of different servers, a select portion of a server, or the entire server for their own personal use. 

In hosting, the different server structure and server allocation for a particular service is organized into different hosting types. The most common types of hosting include: 

Other factors that affect the hosting service include server technology, server management, and any additional services provided. (For more information, we offer a guide to the most important points of web hosting.)

With Shared Hosting, users do not have the advantage of complete isolation. As they are provided for by a number of different servers, so they could potentially be affected by the heavy traffic or abusive activity of another client hosted on the same server. 

VPS and Dedicated Hosting come with the advantage of isolation from other hosting users, which is an improvement in terms of security and performance. With VPS, that isolation is provided by virtualization technology, so you are still sharing the server with your neighbors, though this is a smaller number of users when compared with Shared Hosting. With Dedicated Hosting, each user has their own physical server for their own individual use. 

Of course, you can always purchase your own server hardware to install on your premises. But it would mean a lot more responsibility and effort for maintenance and security, as well as all the server software you need for your small business. 

The best option in small business network servers is usually subscription server resources, for which all services and hardware are handled by a third-party hosting provider.

Step 1: Research server specs based on the applications you run

If you have limited experience in server technology, it may be a good idea to put in some research or ask a web developer for advice on your potential system requirements. This could be whether you need root access, which operating system (OS) you should use, and which software and environment setup you should go with. 

Your hosting provider can give you advice on your hosting, but you will need to have an understanding of your system requirements and the specifics of your project. If your grasp of all is slightly limited, you can consult a technical expert not connected with your hosting provider. They will be able to advise on things like CPUs, bandwidth, RAM, storage, operating systems, and any other technical factors specific to your project. 

website next to a server

Step 2: Find the best location for your small business server

When it comes to servers, location can make a difference to website loading times, although this does depend on your content and settings. When you’re hosting websites, it’s better for your server to be in a location closer to your primary audience. 

So that means if your audience is US-based, a server with a US datacenter location is best, and if your audience is in Europe, you should choose one in Europe.  

Small business server options

So what is the best server for a small business? Of course, this depends on your specific business requirements 

While some providers offer all-inclusive subscriptions, others let you choose the level of management you need for your plan. 

cloud servers

1. Cloud vs on-site servers

As cloud computing technology has progressed in recent years, it’s no surprise that there are more cloud-based hosting options increasing by the day. So your first decision may be whether to choose an on-site server or a cloud server for your small business. 

If you’re considering VPS, you can decide on either a traditional or cloud VPS plan, although in many cases, the cloud is preferable as it means fewer in-house security and management issues.  The same is true for dedicated hosting, as most organizations will not need to purchase and install their own in-house dedicated servers unless there are specific security requirements.   

2. Dedicated Server 

If you are looking for the most power, security, and control, then getting a dedicated server for your small business may be the best way to go. 

Our Dedicated Hosting is part of a subscription service, which means you have the use of your own physical server. This is more like renting than actually owning the server. You can choose the plan that works best for you, you can make all the configurations to meet your requirements, and you are the one in complete control. Also, if you encounter any hardware issues, then your provider will be there to help you out. 

adding machine and tape

Cost of a server for a small business

Shared Hosting is generally the least expensive option. Your costs will depend on the tier you choose, the length of your plan, and the add-ons you might choose to include in your plan. Because Shared Hosting plans offer less in terms of power, space, and security, the prices are lower than with other hosting options. 

With VPS and Dedicated Hosting, the costs are higher, but in return, you gain additional power, control, and security. Licenses for dedicated servers are usually more expensive than for VPS servers.

The exact costs will depend on your configurations, server management, control panel, script installer, billing platform, and add-ons you plan to purchase. For all hosting options at Namecheap, you can make savings by choosing a longer billing cycle or making the purchase of your server during a promotion. 

How to start off with a server for your small business

If you’re introducing a dedicated server to your organization, you may find that it takes some time before the server is activated. Once you receive a welcome email with your credentials, you can start building the system from scratch by installing a firewall, setting file roots, and configuring access. You can also build on what you have already ordered or with a pre-installed environment. 

If you plan to host a website and use a control panel, you can start by uploading it and getting the website connected. But in many cases, the server is already set up with the control panel, so you can add your details when you log in and then upload your files. Then you’re all ready to go!

Why you need a dedicated server for your business

If you are about to start a large project or you’re expanding an existing project, then it may be the right time for a dedicated server for your small business.

You may be expecting a sudden increase in visitors for different reasons. Perhaps you are about to upload content that is likely to go viral, you are planning a special promotion, or you are going to release a popular streaming series.

Another possibility is that you need to comply with certain regulations, such as HIPAA or GDPR, which require you to have a dedicated server for security and privacy reasons.  

server with shield, gear, and control panel

Benefits of using a dedicated server for your website

When you’re looking for the best small business server in 2022, some of the advantages you can enjoy include the following:

  • More power. With up to 16 dual-core processors of 2.8 GHz that can be Dual Xeon Silver 4208 or Dual AMD Epyc 7282, power and speed won’t let you down.
  • Stronger security. Complete control over your own server means no other third parties are using the server, providing an extra layer of security over shared hosting. 
  • Reliability. Our 99.99% Uptime Guarantee means you’re always safe from any downtime issues. 
  • Configurability. You can choose from your choice of management, operating systems, control panels, and other settings that work best for your project. 
  • Free migration. We make it easy for you to move from your existing server at no extra charge. 
  • Money-back guarantee. Within one week of making your purchase. 

If you’d like to find out how we can offer you a smooth transition to a dedicated server with your particular requirements, we are ready to talk to you at any time via our Live Chat

If you’re ready for your own server, take a look at our selection of Dedicated Hosting plans, and you can create a plan that is perfectly suited to your needs. 

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