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Managing a Business

Happy New Year, Happy New Business! 

We know what it’s like. You start the new year with countless resolutions and the best intentions. But come mid-January, with some flat champagne left over in the fridge and the novelty of the New Year deflating with the balloons around you, your goals don’t seem so achievable. 

But starting a new business, expanding an existing one, or getting creative with more online projects is probably the resolution you want to keep. Perhaps it’s not a business exactly — more of a side-project, or back-burner idea that’s been simmering away. 

Whichever it is, it could spell new success, inspiration, and even a new income stream. With so much potential gain, we want to help you reach that goal. This is why we’re launching our Happy New Business campaign to kick off the year with something awesome. 

Happy New Business Sale

We’ve created discounts (up to 98%) across our product range, with a particular onus on domains, so there’s something for you, whatever the industry your new business is in.

  • Save up to 98% on domains to name your new website
  • Save up to 50% on Stellar shared hosting to publish your new website
  • Save up to 61% on web security products to protect it all
  • Save up to 39% on printed business cards to let everyone you meet know what you’re doing

We’re also pleased to announce that this sale has no purchase limits (apart from for Namecheap VPN which is limited to one per Namecheap account), so you don’t need to worry about missing out on these offers.

When Is the Happy New Business Sale?

It all kicks off on January 14 at midnight EST and runs for 7 whole days (until 11:59 PM on January 20). You don’t even need to worry about applying promo codes at checkout — the discounts will be applied automatically. 

Things to Think About When Starting Your Business

Don’t be intimidated! A new business or website is a big step, but let us guide you through the process.

Tackle change, believe in yourself, but most of all — don’t give up! This motivational article centers on the self — preparing yourself for taking the plunge into your new business.

Now try our pragmatic approach to putting together a plan, and turning it into a reality. This article takes you from conception to reality in a series of logical steps that are manageable. 

You’ve conceived and planned. Now build the website for your business. This article tackles the practical elements of building your business’s new website.

A Happy Rest-of-year

Draw a line in the sand (or snow, depending on where you are in the world), and start now! This is the moment you will look back on where it all began. The offers will start you on the right path with the digital side of your business, and our articles will help guide the direction — now it’s over to you!

So, take the plunge and see what you can achieve! Bookmark the Happy New Business page today and get ready for our New Year sale. We’d also love to hear the ideas you start with, so Tweet us @Namecheap with what you plan to use the fruits of our offers on!

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Jamie is a writer and composer based in London, England. He has been Creative Lab Copywriter for Namecheap since July 2017. Before that, he was a professional copywriter for Freeview, Eventim, and Emotech. When he’s not coming up with snappy taglines and irresistible call-to-actions, Jamie writes comedy and musical theatre. More articles written by James.

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