Happy Birthday Namecheap hosting!

I’m a little late in writing this. I’m sat at Heathrow airport, en-route to one of our quarterly executive workshops – exciting events where our leadership team comes together as we plan the future for Namecheap. But it seems now apt to write this now as last week, we celebrated our 8th hosting birthday.

I started the hosting side of Namecheap as we set out to demonstrate that a domain registrar can be both a great domain registrar and an awesome web host. And as we celebrate 8 years of delivering reliable, secure and high-performance hosting administered with a dose of amazing customer service, now is a good time to tell you about the exciting future we have in store for the hosting services we deliver.

But first, a photo. This is where it all began :)


Our very first hosting server
Our very first hosting server

This photo was taken last year in our NYC datacenter. The server is still online and is used as a research and development box. The fact that the server is still online and healthy is testament to the quality hardware we use across our infrastructure – although servers are generally taken out of production after 3-4 years, ensuring customers are always sat on the latest, fastest hardware.

Recently, you may have seen that:

  • We reduced the pricing of our dedicated servers, making then even more competitive
  • We upgraded the specs of our reseller hosting (great for hosting multiple websites)
  • Our shared hosting, business hosting and reseller hosting services all utilize SSD powered servers (we’ve retrofitted older servers at an incredible pace). If you sign up for any of these services today, you are guaranteed to be hosted on SSD
  • Our shared hosting is still available for just $9.88 for the first year
  • Our Transfer Concierge team will help you migrate from another web host over to Namecheap with minimal fuss and hassle
  • 100% uptime is the norm and we have some of the best network and anti-DDoS technology in the business protecting our servers – and your websites
  • We recently made a major investment in partnering with Verisign to enhance our DNS platform

But it doesn’t stop here. We have a lot of exciting enhancements we’re working on, some of which I’ll happily tell you about below.

  • We’re introducing SpamExperts, for free, across our entire range of hosting services. This delivers world class anti-spam protection, giving you a cleaner inbox. SpamExperts is rolled out across around 10% of our server fleet and we expect to complete this rollout by November.
  • We’re almost done with the redesign of our Account Panel. This brings in a lot of improvements across all products and services at Namecheap, and the first release of our new AP will see a tighter integration of our hosting services — making it easier to manage and monitor what you host with us. I’m not at liberty to give a date on the AP launch date but rest assured, this is SOON!
  • IPv6 is coming. We’re well aware of the exhaustion of IPv4 and have been acquiring addresses on the after market so we can still provide you with ample IPv4 space. But IPv6 is the way forward and dedicated servers with IPv6 are in the final stages of testing and will be released soon. Our network is fully IPv6 ready.
  • We’re working on an incredible WordPress product that will set the standard for WordPress hosting when we launch. This product will be hosted on an OpenStack cloud. Expect beta signup later this year.
  • Speaking of cloud, it’s coming. We utilize VMWare heavily for internal purposes and are building out an OpenStack cloud for public cloud services.
  • More locations are coming. The AsiaPac region is very much on our radar and I expect us to start building our datacenter capabilities there in early 2016.

That’s about all I have time for today. So please join me in wishing us a belated happy hosting birthday and enjoy what the future has in store. Exciting times lie ahead.


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  1. Happy birthday Namecheap hosting!!
    Thank you so much for real stable, fast servers ++ incredible helpful LIVE chat customer service!!
    Looking forward to make my new projects alive with Namecheap ☺

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